Why does it seem like when Damon tries to save the day, he makes things even worse?

******Spoilers Below*******

Damon does anything and everything to save his friends, even if that means they will hate him when he’s done. This time, he really screwed up. Bonnie will never forgive him for turning her into a vampire hunter who hunts her friends. I guess this means Enzo and Bonnie are over, just when I was getting used to them.

TVD720B_0051bDamon didn’t mean to do this, of course. Rayna just played him, but should we even be surprised? It did seem like Bonnie was saved a little too easily. There had to be a catch. Bonnie will be alive, but she will spend the rest of her days hunting vampires. That seems like a fate worse than death.

They were once able to stop Jeremy from wanting to kill Elena when he was a vampire hunter, maybe they can do the same for Bonnie. At least she’s alive. Now, they just have to clean up this mess.

VD720a_0326bWe finally know why Matt was so mad at Stefan. It just didn’t make sense. He was convinced Stefan killed his fiancé. Stefan didn’t, of course, but now that Matt knows the truth, Matt still blames Stefan. It wasn’t his fault, but Matt just can’t cope with the fact that he killed her himself. That’s why Stefan had compelled him to begin with. Matt just wouldn’t let him it go and now he knows the truth.

There’s a lot of blame going around for Stefan and Damon. I think Stefan should forgive Damon because he did something very similar. Stefan stayed away to protect Caroline and Damon stayed away so he wouldn’t keep screwing up. Both Salvatores could be wrong, but they both did what they did out of love.

TVD720B_0018bCaroline still clearly loves Stefan. The anger wouldn’t still be there if she didn’t. I think there is still hope there. Caroline just so desperately wants to stay in her happy little bubble that she won’t talk to Stefan. If she talks to Stefan she has to admit how she feels. She’s not ready for that.

I was so happy when Alaric finally spoke his mind, but she still won’t talk to Stefan. I think if this marriage is going to work, she does need closure. If she doesn’t get closure, she’s always going to have this anger. I’m still rooting for Steroline and I feel like they could get back together, it just doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Caroline, unfortunately for Alaric, doesn’t love him, she still loves Stefan.

Do you think Caroline and Stefan will get back together? How do you think Bonnie will react when she realizes what Damon has done? Let me know in the comments below.

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