Frozen has come to “Under the Dome” this week – no, not that Frozen (sorry folks, no snowman Olaf here). I’m talking about actual ice and snow. Yup, after the blood rain, dust storm, and earthquake, now the Dome is going thru a massive cool-down. How will the residents of Chester’s Mill handle this latest development? Not well, of course.

The glowing egg has left the building – erm, Dome. It is being investigated by men in hazmat suits in the playground in Zenith. It is glowing and mad and blasting anyone who tries to touch it. This egg fight seems to be causing Melanie much pain. She screams as Junior and Sam drive her to the school where Rebecca has set up a hospital of sorts.

jules 3Pauline tells her loving husband that he shouldn’t have dropped the egg, even though she is no longer ranting like a crazy person. Big Jim thinks he did right (of course) and thinks they’ll all get out.

Fresh from the now-blocked tunnel, Barbie and Julia curse Big Jim for ruining their chances of getting out of the Dome. Big Jim is flabbergasted and can’t believe it. (I cannot fathom how dumb Big Jim is. Just so much dumb.) Oh, they also tell Big Jim that Phil is dead. And we breeze on by that. Big Jim “charlie brown” shuffles down the hallway. I don’t even try to stifle my laughter.

Pauline recognizes Rebecca, calling her Becky. They have to catch up, but can’t now because of the rapidly dropping temperature and all of the injuries during the earthquake. Joe, Norrie, and their new BFF, Hunter, complain about the cold, which has now created an icy tundra landscape in the Dome. The Dome wall starts to freeze up and Joe has the bright idea of sticking his hand against it. His hand gets stuck, as the Dome wall starts to rotate. They pull his hand off, leaving a bloody handprint.

Later, Norrie is super upset about dropping the egg, but Barbie reassures her that it was all Big Jim’s fault and they all blame him, as they should. Joe tells Rebecca about the rotating walls and she postulates a theory that I guess makes sense. She always has a scientific theory up her sleeves (and who knows if it is even true).

Big Jim tries to half-apologize to Pauline about the egg (we all know Big Jim can’t apologize honestly). He said he had good intentions for him and his family. Pauline tells him good intentions don’t always produce good results. She says he dropped the egg to be the hero (true) and he’s a narcissist (also true). Pauline mentions Lyle and how he wouldn’t betray her. Big Jim still thinks the Dome has a plan for him, because he is a narcissistic hero-monger.

Rebecca talks “science-speak” (that’s what I am going to call it) to Julia, telling her about the inverted atmosphere, the lack of food/water, and their slowly dying generator. Julia has a plan to go get food and try and get gas. Rebecca warns her to hurry because once night falls, the temperature will be very, very cold.

hunterThe high school has become a triage center with Melanie at the center of it. She is having trouble breathing, but luckily she has Junior to comfort her. Pauline comes over and wants a word with Melanie. She starts crying and apologizes to Melanie for the night 25 years ago and blames herself. Melanie calls Pauline her best friend. Aw.

Barbie and Julia drive in an ambulance to get food, but what will they do after? The crops will be decimated, etc.? “What will they do?” is something I am getting tired of asking. Julia goes into the back of the ambulance to tie down a rattling ambulance stretcher when Barbie suddenly hits a patch of “black ice,” causing the ambulance to skid and then flip over! AH! Julia comes to and has been impaled in the leg by a metal rod. Well, this isn’t good. She screams in pain as Barbie tries to think of a solution. It is also suddenly night time, so Barbie says they have to wait it out.

Back at the school, Big Jim asks his son to put him in good favors with Pauline, but Junior outright refuses, even saying he knew Pauline was alive a week ago. HA, stupid Big Jim. Meanwhile, Rebecca says they all need to secure the windows shut. It’s too dang cold! Hunter enters the school in a state of shock. He has frostbite!

melconvulseMelanie asks Pauline why she came back. For Junior or for another reason? Pauline reveals that no matter how much she tried to get by in life, inside she knew what she did was wrong and she wanted to come back and finish what they had started. She wants to atone…but then, suddenly Melanie starts to convulse and then goes limp. She is alive…but it must be because of the egg.

Back at the fallen ambulance, Barbie lights flares and makes a candle out of petroleum jelly. Julia tells him to go without her, but he won’t leave her! Aw. They cuddle and try and stay calm. Suddenly, cracking from above! A window shatters! The cold air is in! Oh noes!

At the school, Rebecca treats snarky Hunter’s frostbite. He keeps asking questions about the egg and how Joe and Norrie can handle it, but others can’t. Joe gets suspicious, thankfully. Farmer Tom suddenly bursts into the room carrying his cold, limp wife. He cries out, but she is cold and dead. What? That was super random and weird. I don’t know why that just happened. The electricity suddenly goes out. The generator is out of fuel. Big Jim volunteers to go get more fuel (of course, he does).

Everyone talks about Melanie and the egg connection, which upsets Norrie, who rushes off. Hunter goes after her, as Joe looks through his phone. He sees emails between Hunter and Barbie’s father! He also sees handwritten notes asking, “What do you want me to find out about the egg?” BETRAYAL.

jules ambMeanwhile, in the Titanic vibing ambulance (I’ll never let go, Barbie!), Julia urges Barbie to go. But he won’t leave. He has a plan: Once Julia gets hypothermia, her heart rate will go down, so he can pull out the metal rod without her bleeding to death. Great.

Big Jim arrives at the frozen lake to bring his hidden fuel stash back to the school. Lyle suddenly appears, swimming in the water, begging for help. Will Big Jim help him? He does, throwing him a rope. Once in his car, Lyle talks about his vision: the world on fire, everything destroyed. The end. And no one can stop it. Wow, sounds fun.

Norrie is having a pity party, blaming herself for everything that is happening. Hunter comforts her and she reveals only a few people can touch the egg, which pleases Hunter. Big Jim returns with the fuel and Lyle. What a savior! Rebecca thanks him.

julesIn the ambulance, Julia slowly falls asleep as Barbie talks to her about their future and how she isn’t leaving him and then he pulls out the rod. Ew. He then carries her out into the cold and into the Briar Rose, turning on an oven. She comes to a bit. Yay, Julia is saved.

The sun is rising and Rebecca magically declares that the temperature is rising and something has changed! Science, folks. Hunter sneaks out, but Norrie and Joe follow him. Pauline and Big Jim reminisce. Big Jim says he saved Lyle for her and that everything he does is for the people he loves. So, he is playing that card. I wonder if she buys it.

Outside, the land is unfrozen! Woohoo. What a non-factor. Joe and Norrie follow Hunter to the edge of the Dome where they see him communicating with the soldiers. After they leave, they confront him about it, but he reveals he is on their side. He told the soldiers to stop experimenting on it. But suddenly, loud screeching noises pierce the air! Everyone hears it. Melanie awakens and says, “It is starting!” The Dome stops spinning and starts contracting! That is not good!

And there we have it. What are the residents of Chester’s Mill going to do now? Will they be squished to death? Let me know what you guys thought of the episode in the comments below!

Under the Dome airs Mondays @ 10/9c on CBS. Watch full episodes online at, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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