Last week’s season premiere of Castle left viewers with a cliffhanger and an intense start to the season.  At this point, we’re left with more questions than answers.  What is Beckett hiding from Castle?  Who are these people trying to kill her?  Hopefully, this week gives us more answers.  Read below for more of the scoop.


This week followed up the premiere episode with the same story arc, but from Beckett’s point of view.  I was happy they decided to give us Beckett’s view of what went down last week, because I was totally lost and in the dark with Castle on not knowing what the heck was going on.

It turns out this is all connected to some shady business Bracken was involved with and is tied to Beckett’s time in the AG’s office.  Allison Hyde, who is with the feds, comes in to help and insinuates that the man Beckett is running around with is not to be trusted.  After Castle and Beckett are reunited and Castle saves the day, as per usual, he confronts her about lying.  Beckett, of course, says she lied to protect him.  Ugh, I know the show needs new drama to keep going, but at this point can they not just be happy?!


In a not so surprising twist, Allison Hyde was the one that actually called in the mercenary team.  When they rush off to find her, they’ve found her dead from an apparent suicide.  Another surprising death of the episode was Bracken himself.  Can’t say I’m too sad to see him go, after everything he put Beckett through.

In this episode we are also introduced to an agent named Rita, who claims to be Castle’s stepmother.  She ends up talking to Beckett about the danger they put their loved ones in and tells Beckett if she can’t let go of all this, she needs to distance herself from Castle.  I really, really wanted her to let this go.  But I knew that this was headed in a dark direction at this point.  Sure enough, Beckett basically tells Castle they need to separate while she figures things out.  I’m so over the constant struggle between those two in finding happiness.  I’m sure they’ll end up being fine in the end, but I don’t have to like it right now.  It looks like Beckett will be continuing to try to solve the bigger picture and find out who was behind all of this.


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