Julie Plec knows how to create a beautiful episode, but she also knows how to break our hearts in the process.

*****Spoilers Below*****

When Cami was killed by Aurora, I was in denial. There was no way Cami could possibly be dead. Julie wouldn’t do that to us, right? Then we came back from the break and Cami was a vampire. Not ideal for the woman who was very pure, but for me, I was just relieved she wasn’t dead.

Now she really is gone. I really didn’t believe that that was the direction the episode was heading in. I thought for sure there would be a cure. I guess the writers made the point that Lucien is that evil that there was no cure.

While I’m angry with the writers for writing Cami off the show, it was a beautiful send off for a beautiful character. Cami and Klaus finally confessed their love for each other. I loved when Klaus told Cami that he would tell her tomorrow because she wasn’t dying today. I thought for sure he would find a way to save her.

When he finally told her that he loved her, she broke down. She knew that if Klaus was telling her, she didn’t have long. This is when I started breaking, too. Before that, I was convinced everything was fine. I had a pit in my stomach, but I just kept telling myself everything would be fine. But it wasn’t.

OR319A_0353rNo one could handle losing their bright light of hope. If we had to lose Cami, this was a great tribute episode for her. Everyone got to say goodbye. 

If we didn’t get an emotional overload as it was, the writers weren’t done breaking our hearts. We’ve seen what the ancestors can do on The Vampire Diaries. Bonnie has been up against them before, but they are an evil group of witches. They won’t just kill Davina, they’ll make the love of her life do it. It’s genius and absolutely evil all at the same time.

Can this group survive losing someone else? Marcel really cared for Cami and he cares for Davina. Can he handle losing both of them at the same time? Could we at least have a little bit of a breather before another death?

Is there hope? The preview shows Davina being tortured by the ancestors and Marcel desperately trying to bring her back. This gives me hope, but after an episode of truly believing Cami could be saved, I don’t know if I should be so hopeful. Should I be preparing for the worst?

We can’t lose two female characters in one go. Davina just went up against Lucien and it was awesome, even if she wasn’t powerful enough to defeat him. I love her bravery.

It broke my heart watching her have to dagger Kol. Once again I thought Kol was going to be gone. He’s still around, but he just killed the love of his life. Does this mean the curse is over? Kol and Klaus will both be lashing out in rage. Hopefully, the rest of them can tame them enough to actually defeat the enemy.

How will Klaus and Marcel deal with their grief? Is there a way to save Davina? Let me know in the comments below.

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