Libya El-Amin– Editor-in-Chief / West Coast Assignment Editor / Reporter 

Host of TV Campfire Podcast where she and guests talk about all the TV shows they manage to watch each week. Sometimes the number of shows is staggering and means Libya has some sort of addiction. She also edits for television in real life.

Alice Balagia – Senior Editor / Reporter

Mandy Carr – Reporter


Mar Laine– East Coast Assignment Editor / Reporter  

Mar doesn’t binge-watch, she power-watches.  She is a major television junkie, but loves movies, too. She embraced her inner geek at the turn of the millennium and has run with it ever since. She has been working in the entertainment industry since forever, but it hasn’t dulled her sense of wonder whenever she watches a great movie or an absorbing television show.  She loves genre — sci fi, horror, fantasy — in particular, she loves vampires, the supernatural (in particular — the show “Supernatural”), space westerns, some slasher pics and stories / movies / shows related to witches and wizards. She also loves comedies — they make life easier.

David Mello – Senior Reporter 

David is a Radio News Reporter in real life (Seeking His Next Opportunity, BTW), with more than fourteen years experience at a radio station as a board operator, news reader, and assistant producer for baseball broadcasts. His news stories have received honors from the Associated Press and United Press International.

Susie Modjallal – Reporter   

Susie writes about things she watches. And sometimes talks to cool people and then writes abut that, too. Also, she loves movies and TV. Genre stuff, actually. Growing up loving comics and science fiction, it was only a matter of time before Susie got into the act of writing and reviewing TV shows and covering events at the Paley Center in LA, and special events like San Diego Comic Con and the Geekie Awards. If it’s British, if it’s Japanese or if it has Matt Bomer in it, chances are she’s seen it and loved it.

Eugene Powers – Sr. Photographer

Eugene spent his youth exploring his love of photography. starting at age 10. Limited availability of resources forced him to develop his own techniques and make his own prints. These experiences have shaped his unique worldview as a photographer. In 1998 he resumed professional work in Los Angeles and has garnered attention in the exciting arena of red carpet and event photography. At San Diego Comic Con, 2004, he joined the press pool. Eugene is regularly recognized by talent and utilizes this to capture the emotion of the moment. Portrait photography is also an area in which he works in between attending conventions and teaching.

Marsia Powers– Herder of Kittens / Assignment Editor / Reporter

Taught to read on super hero comic books by her cool mom who enjoyed Star Trek, James Bond and the original Doctor Who, Marsia is a second-generation sci-fi/fantasy aficionado.  One of the founders of Whedonopolis, Fandom Charities Inc, and now WhedonCon, when Marsia says “I have an idea,” it’s going to be an adventure.

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