My question has been answered! Beasties can only be seen when they want to be seen by humans, but can’t hide from Grimms. In fact, it’s like the writers looked at all my questions and then answered them all in one episode. Or most of them anyway. That, and was this episode full of bromance, or was this episode full of bromance? Right from the beginning! During which, we finally find out exactly what I expected: Nick is wondering if he should break up with Juliette. But you know he’s going to tell her he’s a Grimm and, while she’ll probably need some time adjusting, I think she’ll be ok with it. Either way, we got the line, “Isn’t there a way that you could, you know, Blutbad for her?” The best.

Alright, enough about my confirmed theories and fulfilled shipping fantasies. In this episode, Organ Grinder, Grimm was short for grimace. Which is the expression on my face for about half the episode. organ harvest roomEspecially when they were going through the creepy organ harvest room. But then, I knew the episode was gonna be a disturbing one when it started with a quote from Hansel and Gretel. I was instantly scared for children. I’m glad they at least made the children teenagers. It was easier to swallow than if it had been little ones. (…Just put that sentence into context of the episode. Ew!)

And the fact that the Geiers like people to be conscious while they take their organs was pretty nasty as well. Even though they (thankfully) didn’t show anyone getting organs pulled out, just the idea of it was pretty cringe worthy.

It was pretty cool to see Nick going around like a bad-ass getting justice Grimm style. Especially when he makes it clear to the Geier in the clinic that he’ll be dealing with her as a Grimm and not a cop. And the way he let the ground organ dealer think that he killed his supplier.

And now we’ve discovered that there is a branch of Team Reaper called the Ferrat (or maybe Team Reaper is the Ferrat), and that they’ve ordered Captain Renard to kill Nick. And we discovered why we haven’t seen more plotting between him and Miss Hexenbiest; he doesn’t find Nick to be a threat. Which promotes Captain Reaper to frienemy. Though I’m still wondering what became of Hank and Adalind’s dinner date.

Oh, and I have to at least mention the scene where Hank says they should print pictures to take with them, and then they just leave without doing so. Nick doesn’t even click print, which would let you assume they’ll pick up the print off the printer on their way out. I know it’s not a big deal, but it bugged me.

Also, there was lots of dramatic, suspenseful music in this episode, which was borderline cheesy and I loved.

…I just really liked the heck out of this episode.

What have we learned?: Juliette is good for taking along for casual police questioning, Nick is getting better at going around doing his Grimm duties, Captain Renard runs his city how he wants… until the shadowy bosses of the Ferrat start sending him messages.

What’s going to happen?: My theory is Captain Reaper is going to find a way not to kill Nick, possibly even by allying with him. Again, I think that Nick is going to be faced with another friend/Grimm/cop decision, and this time have to make a hard choice. …Or at least that’s how I’d write it.

What do you think? Is the Ferrat going to pay Captain Reaper a visit? Is Monroe going to “Blutbad” for Juliette? Tell me in the comments.

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