Season two of Dirk Gently ends with a lot of confrontations, a witch who’s losing her grip, and a daring rescue. Oh, there’s also some happy endings and another one that’s not so happy.


If there is a lesson from season two, it’s how power can be used. The most negative example is Suzie Boreton (Amanda Walsh), who uses a magic wand to fix her life and then try to change the world no matter what. A most positive example is the Boy, who is supposed to fix everything by coming back to Wendimoor…and does in a big way. There’s one more example, and we’ll get to that later.

The episode starts with Suzie explaining her fairy tale on how a magic wand changed her life, made her a queen, and helped her live happily ever after…or else. Thing is, Wendimoor is a graveyard, and the story is not over.

Dirk (Samuel Barnett) is able to get to Blackwing via the magic pool, but also in the middle of Triangle’s (Christian Sloan) massacre. Dirk is too angry to panic, and he demands to see Moloch. He finds his way to a room where soldiers are still trying to talk to Mona (Alexia Fast) the “holistic actress”. She’s glad to see him, but panics and turns into a cannon. After the big boom, she turns into a motorcycle and helps Dirk get to Moloch. However, Hugo (Dustin Milligan) pulls a gun at him, saying he’s sick and tired of Dirk making him look like an idiot.

While this is going on, Ken (Mpho Koaho) is at the control room seeing all of the footage, just standing there. All he sees is chaos. Along with using his computer skills to uncover Blackwing’s mission, seeing this will change him in a big way.

In Wendimoor, Todd (Elijah Wood) and Amanda (Hannah Marks) struggle to keep the portal open so Dirk can get Moloch to them. They soon find themselves in a strange place that she calls the “backstage of reality”. It seems to be an out-of-body experience, judging from their weird eyes. Suzie squares off with the Rowdies, and they seem to get the upper hand by absorbing her wand’s energy, but it’s too much for them. She even has some difficulty recovering, but she’s able to cut off the portal by attacking the siblings.

Todd looks at Suzie and wonders if she realizes at all what she has done. She says she wanted a second chance, to fix her life even if people had to be killed. At least when she’s saying this, she is being herself. It shows the magic hasn’t overcome her. She’s still selfish. However, when he sees her wand’s on the blink, he knocks her out with his air gun.

Back to Hugo, Mona just asks him what’s better:  being in charge or doing the right thing. He chooses “the right thing”, namely mowing down Triangle’s men to give Dirk a chance. Triangle stabs Hugo, but Ken suddenly shoots Triangle in the head before telling Dirk he’s not leaving. He even shoots him in the leg, but Dirk is determined to go.

Todd and Amanda fight Suzie over the wand, but they are able to open the portal. Just after Suzie tries to crush Todd and kill Amanda, Dirk and Moloch shows up. However, the old Moloch is gone….and the Boy shows up.

His name is Francis (Dylan Schombing) , and he wastes no time fixing everything. He sends Suzie to the train in the sky. This is where the Mage would have been as his jail, but since he’s charred from his plan to blow up the Cardenas house last week, it’s her turn. That is her fate…or else.

Francis sends an ambulance (spelled wrong) to help Farah (Jade Eshete), Tina (Izzie Steele) and Hobbs (Tyler Labine). They soon recover, and are rather stunned by what has happened to them. He also meets Bart (Fiona Dourif), after she killed a lot of Kellum guards with her chainsaw. She is not exactly proud of what she has done, and declines his offer to stay, She knows what she is, a weapon. He’s hoping that she will eventually realize she’s a person, but she’ll make an interesting decision.

Dirk does ask Francis one question:  who am I? Francis says Dirk is someone who fixes things. He is a tool to repair a broken universe by making sure people are where they belong. Francis, of course, is an example. He’s also able to give the Beast a makeover, and revive everyone in Wendimoor. Thus, Silas and Panto get their happy ending, too. As for Hugo, he finds himself in the “backstage of reality.” Judging from his eyes, he apparently “gets it”.

So, what happens now? Amanda is joining the Rowdies to find people with special abilities just like Dirk. She also has the wand and the new-look Beast (Emily Tennant). Dirk, Farah and Todd open their holistic detective agency, and are hopeful for the future. They don’t notice Mona is also there, but once they do it should get interesting.

Even Bob Boreton and his son Todd get a happy ending, and their dog is alive again.

Now the bad news…

Ken tells someone else at Blackwing that the weapons they got from Wendimoor are very unusual, and he says that’s proof of the supernatural. They will also keep investigating the pocket universe inside the Cardenas house. That gets him praise, and the title of Supervisor. He’s enjoying the new power he slowly extracted from Hugo. It sure beats being trapped in a cab for two months.

It also leads to this trio:

Bart is back willingly, while Priest will need some minor surgery after he was cut by a really big pair of scissors last week. Now they work for Ken, and they’re not happy about it. Ken’s goal is to bring order to the universe, and also says in his world, there are no good guys.

Watki’s prediction that there will be a war between order and chaos, and how to win that war, is apparently coming true. The real conflict is how to bring order, or maybe realize that shouldn’t be done at all. It’s just too bad some former friends have had to switch sides. Still, Bart wonders if she made the right decision, and Priest (Alan Tudyk) may be against everyone. It wouldn’t be surprising if he came back.

It was a very entertaining season, looking at magic and fantasy worlds. It was also a look at how power can get in the wrong hands and make things worse, or be in the right hands and make things better. The show is actually better if you see it in chunks because the connections come from all angles, and unexpected places. If there is something disappointing, it could be that the Mage and Suzie didn’t have one big confrontation over who should rule Wendimoor. It’s too bad he got burned to death instead. Maybe he and Suxie would have been stuck in the train in the sky.

There’s just one mystery left:  will Dirk’s story continue next season?

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