Does it all feel a little too easy that the Black Hood mystery has been solved? It’s almost like it’s been tied into a nice bow. That can’t really be the end, can it?

******Spoilers Below*******

Katie Yu/The CW

The story adds up but it doesn’t feel right. There was someone taking a picture of Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Archie (K.J. Apa) kissing at the end. Is that the real Black Hood? A partner or the start of a new storyline? Betty (Lili Reinhart) clearly doesn’t believe it’s over. Her family has definitely had a lot of secrets but it seems like every family in this town has a lot of secrets. I think the Lodge family fits right in.

I’m very curious about everything Hiram (Mark Consuelos) and Hermione (Marisol Nichols) told Veronica. She says she’s in but does she really know what she’s getting into? There was a slight worry look on Veronica’s face after she was looking so confident. I’m wondering what all the Lodge family has their hands into and how Fred (Luke Perry) is going to come into play later on. At least Fred can have a Merry Christmas knowing his hospital bills are taken care of. How will he react? He probably won’t like it very much. If only he could find out it was from Veronica, granted with her parent’s money, but at least he would know it was more genuine.

Katie Yu/The CW

I don’t feel good about Veronica and Archie getting back together. Not after the Betty and Archie kiss. I am a big fan of Betty and Jug (Cole Sprouse) but I’m also a big fan of Betty and Archie. I love Veronica but I don’t love her with Archie. It just never felt right and it especially doesn’t feel right now. I don’t want Veronica to get hurt but I do feel like this is going to blow up. If Archie doesn’t tell her, then Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) is sure to find a way to use it against them. Of course, Betty has used secrets against her too.

I am sad that Betty and Jug are drifting apart. They both bought each other great Christmas gifs but they were reluctant to see each other. Where does this leave all of these couples? Is this really the end of Bughead?

What happened to Jughead this season? He is truly a Serpent now and proud to be one. I miss the sweet Jug. He clearly knows what he’s gotten himself into because he doesn’t want Betty involved. Betty wanted so desperately to be part of his new world. I think they both lost a bit of themselves this season.

If the Black Hood has truly been revealed, what comes next?

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