Nick is a moron. -Now, hear me out.

Juliette grabs her gun and helps him take down the bad guys, then asks him to tell her what’s been going on with him, and he just goes off crying.

Ok, granted she just turned down his marriage proposal, but it was because he won’t tell her! I’m sorry, but if your girlfriend is that much of a bad-ass, it won’t be a big deal that you’re a Grimm. He is making way too much out of this secret life thing. I would like to hit him over the head. It’s just so stupid.

Anyway, this episode was mostly to show what a bad-ass Juliette is, and thereby how stupid Nick is for still keeping the Grimm side from her. She sees spousal abuse going down next door, and she has to put a stop to it. Nick is more afraid through that whole thing than she is! Granted she might be a bit more frightened if she knew she were up against beasties, but probably not much more.

Which leads me to another point: Nick is endangering Juliette by not telling her the truth. He’s totally in denial if he really thinks things are just gonna calm down. He knows there are Reapers on their way from Europe coming to chop off his head. And since Juliette isn’t on her guard and doesn’t know what she’s up against, it means she’s unprepared and is more likely to get killed. Which circles back to my conclusion that Nick is a moron.

*deep breath*

As usual, I loved Monroe in the episode. He and Rosalee find a bunch of passports her brother had for all his different secret identities. My guess is he used them for smuggling illegal goods for his shop. I know this is going to be important to the plot in an episode or so, but I’m stumped as to how.

Hank was hella creepy with his stalking Adalind this episode. I mean, I know he’s under a spell and all, but it still gave me the chills.

This episode could have been titled: “All the Things Men Shouldn’t Do in a Relationship.” But I guess that would have been kind of lengthy.

And I’m wondering if any of Prince Reaper’s feelings for Adalind are genuine. He strikes me as the type who would lead a girl on.

And by the way, my prediction about Juliette saving Nick didn’t exactly come true, but it was close. But hey, there’s still time for it to happen.

Oh, and… Nick delivered a golden egg out of a Zeltenvogel’s throat. So that was really weird.

Side note: They named this episode The Thing with Feathers. How is that a good name for the episode? Like at all?

What have we learned?: Nick is a moron (you knew I was going to say that), Sgt. Wu is still eating things which should not be eaten, and Adalind is completely controlled by her love for Captain Renard.

What’s going to happen?: I am still waiting for Nick to run into another Grimm. Is it not gonna happen ’til season two? And we’re still waiting for the Ferrat to come to town. Or at least the European Reapers who are supposed to be coming for Nick. They have such cool scythes! (I know the scythes shouldn’t be the part I’m excited about, but I can’t help it.)

Do you agree that Nick is being a moron? Can you figure out the significance of Rosalee’s brother having all those secret identities? Is Sgt. Wu a Wesen, or just psychologically unwell? And just how creepy was Hank in this episode? *shivers*  That’s what the Comments section below is for!

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