A lot of things happen this week. Todd and Amanda are captured by the Dengamoors, Dirk’s still chased by that strange red-headed girl, two plot lines re-emerge and Farah and Izzie are almost killed by a possessed TV. Then it gets worse.


Last week, Dirk thinks he has found the boy.

The episode, though, starts with another flashback, but it does include the boy. Young Arnold sees his parents fighting, apparently over her decision to sell the farm to Kellum. It’s revealed, though, Marina stabbed Hector in the head with scissors. She leaves as Hector looks on…with the boy, who has longer hair. The trauma causes him to send Hector’s body into a tree while the scissors melts through the floor. He also sends Marina’s new car flying off somewhere. That explains what Dirk and his friends found early in the season.

So this is where Dirk (Samuel Barnett) reveals all?

No, that comes later. He’s busy trying to escape the Beast (Emily Tennant), who wants Dirk for her very own, or else. He does find other things, like a Kellum truck, and the Rowdy Three and they’re not happy to see him. Out of fear, Dirk hits Martin (Michael Eklund) then apologizes, but it gets their respect.

He’ll need their help. Todd and Amanda have been captured by the Dengamors, and sentenced to death by scissors due to last week’s battle that killed Farson. Wygar (Alecks Paunovic) and Queen Frija (Karin Konoval) don’t care about anything else but killing someone for all the strange things happening. Todd (Elijah Wood) and Amanda (Hannah Marks)  can’t talk them out of it. Before that, they talk about what happened to them, and he admits he has pararibulitis. She also gets the idea that he should hit her so that her powers Watki gave her could emerge, He does, but it doesn’t work. It does make them recall what they did when they went to Orlando as kids. At least the siblings are getting along.

Back in Bergsberg, Farah (Jade Eshete) tries to find Todd and Dirk, but a freaked-out Deputy Tina (Izzie Steele) fires several shots in panic. She’s upset Todd and Dirk are gone, and Sheriff Hobbs is missing. That’s the first time that’s been mentioned in three weeks. They also figure out Suzie (Amanda Walsh) is involved somehow thanks to her magic wand.

In fact, Suzie is ordering around vegetables at Watki’s cave while absorbing more power from the magic pool. It’s enough to make even Dark Willow cringe.

When they get to her house, they find her husband Bob watching a video of Suzie. They also find the TV is unplugged…and the Mage (John Hannah) is also in the TV telling Bob to kill them. This is odd because if Suzie said last week that he “quit”, it was believed he was in trouble. Not so, as he tells Bob (John Stewart) from the TV to kill them both. It almost happens before Farah shoots the TV. Through some unique interrogation, they do learn Hobbs is at a nearby quarry, and the Mage is also somewhere.

Blackwing is also involved, as Priest (Alan Tudyk) locks down the Cardenas house with the Purple People Eater in a cage. He also figures out the house has a pocket dimension, and isn’t fazed by the weird things going on. Hugo (Dustin Milligan), of course, is having his typical clueless tantrum, saying things like “Stop telling me to read”. Thankfully, he has Ken (Mpho Koaho), who is slowly taking over. He’s read the reports, including what Blackwing did in the 1960’s. He tells Hugo in the taxi (for security) that there was a Project Lamia involving that shape-shifting fairy Mona. Apparently when she changes forms, she forgets what she was before, which is why she was a chair for six years. They think she is now Hugo’s squeeze toy, and have to nudge her back to being Mona again. It would explain why she hasn’t been seen in seven weeks.


Just as Todd and Amanda are about to be beheaded, the Rowdy Three and the Beast show up in the truck, and it’s revealed Dirk replaced the executioner. He and Silas (Lee Majdoub) wind up fighting, but not running, with scissors. Eventually, Silas finds out he’s been battling Dirk, and they get away while the Queen gets angrier.

Finally, Dirk reveals who the boy is. He just gathered all the clues from before and, as we pointed out last week, Dirk thinks the boy is Project Moloch, the comatose old guy at Blackwing.

So, they just have to get there, even if it means surrendering to Priest. However, Suzie picks that time to show up. Clearly, she’ll be drafting them as her minions…or worse

Meanwhile, Tina and Farah make it to the quarry and find Hobbs’ car. The Mage is there, and ambushes them. He says they’ll have a lot of fun.

So, does this mean he let Suzie go, so that they can both be back at Wendimoor to conquer it? It seems they both have unwilling minions now, which means not even a fully-powered Amanda can help. This will work unless the Mage and Suzie fight over who gets to rule. That is where the fun begins.

By the way, are Panto and Bart still in jail? If so, they may be Wendimoor’s last hope.
Come to think of it, they may have to ask Priest to help. It’s a bad option, but the only one they may have.

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