Freeform began it’s winter premieres with returning Shadowhunters and new series, Beyond.  Beyond is a story of Holden who mysteriously was put in coma years earlier and awakens with strange powers, mysterious people wanting to capture him, others who want to protect him and a back story that will explain what his subconscious was doing while his body was comatose.  While most of the show so far is build up and character development, we do get to see a few pretty amazing moments including a fight scene between Holden and his antagonist, who remains nameless.  The two-parter  did an excellent job of setting up the season.  Burkely Duffield, who plays Holden does a believable job of  portraying a young man trying to make sense of losing 12 years of his life when all of these even stranger events begin to unfold.  There are threads weaved throughout the first two episodes that easily makes me want to binge the series.  Speaking of binging, Freeform’s app, along with Hulu allows you to binge BEYOND right now!!  Out of the gate, I am going to say that BEYOND from Freeform…it’s a KEEPER!  

Keifer Knight

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