We’re back after a one week hiatus and the Spell of Shattered Sight has arrived… or is coming… very soon, very slowly. It’s coming, by the end of the episode, I promise. There’s a lot of questions and loopholes involved in this most recent curse, but we’ll get to that later. Also to note, this episode was written by our beloved Jane Espenson!

Rumpelstiltskin, falling back into his evil ways, wants to make a deal- or another deal- with the Snow Queen. The curse isn’t going to affect him, but he wants Belle and Henry to also be able to leave with him. She basically agrees. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang try to find a way to escape this curse. David tries, and fails, to climb over the ice wall, where Elsa conveniently discovers Anna’s snowflake necklace. Hmm. Elsa and Emma are also immune from the curse because of the ribbons the Snow Queen forced on them. Regina wants to watch Henry, but it’s safer if Emma does… and oh, who cares.

Belle has been researching the curse and discovers that there may be a way to reverse it by using somebody who had already had the cursed placed on them before aka Anna. Elsa is convinced that if she finds Anna, she can save everyone. They are going to use a locator spell on her necklace. Elsa wonders if Anna is going to be older and such.

Well, we see that she is not any older because 30 years later, she, Kristoff, and all of Arendelle conveniently unfreeze, remaining the same age as when the Snow Queen froze them. Why are they unfrozen at this time? No explanation. Anna finds a piece of straw on the ground and immediately assumes that Rumpelstiltskin has Elsa. Kristoff calls her out on her giant leap of logic, but there is no time to fight because Hans suddenly appears and claims himself King of Arendelle. Okay, Hans, whatever you say. Anna and Kristoff easily escape from his clutches. To be continued…

Back in Storybrooke, the ice wall starts extending around the water, making an escape by water not possible. Hook is still trapped under Rumple’s spell and Rumple has a job for him. They are going to trap all of the fairies inside the magic hat. With their magic, Rumple will be able to do anything. He reveals his plan to Hook, but all poor Killian can do is clench his jaw in anger.

Emma and Elsa cast the locator spell on Anna’s necklace and its leads them down into the tunnels under the library, but they reach a dead end in a stone wall. Elsa wants to break it down! Anna has to be just on the other side, she declares. No, Elsa, she’s not right there. Anna and Kristoff are bickering in a forest, deciding what to do, before going into town to deal with the infamous Blackbeard. They want a “wishing star” to bring Elsa back. Blackbeard lies to them and tries to barter for gold, but all of this is interrupted when Hans shows up. Blackbeard double crossed Anna and Kristoff!

In Storybrooke, the gang tries to decide how to blast down the cave wall. Belle brings news that the fairies in Granny’s diner can use just the necklace to try and reverse the curse and they don’t need Anna. But if they destroy the necklace, they may never find Anna. The group weighs between the decisions, ultimately deciding to save the town by destroying the necklace. Snow White even was pushing for it, which surprised Regina. Elsa, however, is not on board, and secretly hides the necklace, giving them a bag of empty pebbles.

JENNIFER MORRISON, GEORGINA HAIGOnce at Granny’s diner, they all realize Elsa tricked them. Regina quips about trusting blondes. Everyone declares it’s too late as the Cursed cloud is getting closer. Emma decides to still try and find her. She rushes back to the tunnel, getting there just as Elsa is, which makes absolutely zero sense, but whatever. Elsa blasts through the tunnel, even though I thought she had snow/ice powers, not the ability to clear whole tunnel walls. Whatever once again. The tunnel leads to the empty beach. Huh? The snowflake necklace stops glowing. The search is over…

In Arendelle, Blackbeard/Hans have Anna and Kristoff prisoner. Blackbeard reveals that Anna’s parents did take the wishing star, but only those with pure hearts could use it. Hans threatens Anna with death, yadda yadda. Well, they take Anna and Kristoff out to Poseidon’s boneyard, where the are going to drop Anna and Kristoff to their deaths in a trunk, so that no mermaids interfere. After realizing they were on the Jolly Roger and that 30 years had passed, Anna and Kristoff are thrown over the edge into the water. They try to escape their bonds, but it isn’t looking good. They declare their love for each other.

JENNIFER MORRISON, GEORGINA HAIG, ELIZABETH LAIL, SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTERAt the exact same moment, Elsa is standing on the beach, bemoaning her failure. She wishes Anna could be with her right now and in that moment the wishing star is revealed to be Anna’s necklace. It comes to life and suddenly a trunk pops out of the water and a soggy Anna and Kristoff are walking out of the ocean. Elsa can’t believe it! They hug and reunite and it’s all great and stuff, but the Spell of Shattered Sight is STILL on it’s very slow way. And Anna can still be used to stop it, if they hurry.

Unfortunately, Hook and Rumple have enacted their sinister plan. Rumple excuses Belle, taking her to his house and sealing her in all the while promising her it’ll all be okay. Hook enters Granny’s diner with the magic hat and traps all of the fairies, including the Blue Fairy, who tries to crawl away. When Emma, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff arrive, they find the diner destroyed and abandoned. All hope is gone now. Hook silently sits behind the counter, his face full of regret.

Everyone reunites at the police station, where David recognizes both Kristoff and Anna and they all compliment each other on their hair. I think that pretty much sums up those three characters. They notice different hairstyles, but not the fact that Elsa hasn’t changed clothes in years! The plan is to lock everyone up and basically hope for the best. Emma, Elsa, and Anna are all immune, but everyone else is a danger to… everyone else. So they must be locked up. Emma gets all sniffly while locking up her parents. They tell her that she is special and they believe she’ll find a way to save them all. Aw. Elsa is all like, “Dang girl, your parents didn’t try and ruin your life.”

COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISONKillian then shows up to say goodbye to Emma and she kisses him while crying, which is any man’s fantasy. He leaves, dejected. Meanwhile, Regina apologizes to Henry for everything, but he tells her it’ll be okay. Robin wants to stick with Regina, but she tells him she has to stay away from her. She’s going to lock herself in her vault to keep herself away from everyone else. It’s for the best.

GINNIFER GOODWIN, JOSH DALLASDavid and Snow hold each other’s hands and promise each other that no spell can break them but then the wind blows… the curse has FINALLY arrived. Little glass particles stream around the town and through the air vents. We get nice shots of all the key characters looking up to face the curse. When it hits David and Snow, they stop holding hands and if looks could kill, Snow would kill David. Ooh, I can’t wait to see this play out.

And that is it for this week. Ignoring all of the massive plot holes and confusing coincidences, the episode was fun and plot moving. Anna is finally reunited with Elsa, so she can stop whining episode after episode. Maybe Anna will encourage her to change clothes? Also, the spell should add some new, interesting developments to our characters. Still not sure why the curse had to happen or what the Snow Queen gets out of it, but I guess we shall see.

What were your favorite or least favorite moments of the episode? And what do you think that glass bottle with a message in it was about? It popped up alongside the trunk carrying Anna and Kristoff. It is very intriguing. Let me know in the comments below.

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