We thought that these vampires were in town to protect their sires, but instead they were there to take them out. We all know that if you take out an Original, their sire line dies. So, is this revenge or a suicide mission?

*** Spoilers Below ***

You would assume that you would be safe when you are with your sires, because they don’t want to die, but maybe there is away to take out the Originals without the sires dying. At least, this is the theory the first sires are going on. They may have found a way and they need Davina to help make it work.

Turns out there is a weapon that can lock the Original vampires away so they won’t die. Tristan, Aurora and Lucien are set on revenge because Elijah compelled them to believe they were the Original family as a decoy. Michael chased after them for years, even after the compulsion was broken. No wonder these vampires are so much like their sires. They’ve lived similar lives.

The Originals -- "Beautiful Mistake" -- Image Number: OG306a_0263.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley and David E. Collier as Shen -- Photo: Annette Brown/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.So all of my crossover fantasies may have been put on hold with this new information. Before I figured Klaus’ sire line would be happy to help save him, because they would be saving themselves. I’m sure Julie will come up with a way for a crossover though, she always does.

This puts Marcel in an awkward situation. He would love to take out Klaus without killing himself, but this threat is also against Elijah and Rebekah. He won’t let Rebekah be taken out, but protecting Rebekah may mean protecting the entire family.

We got a double dose of Rebekahs this week. We got Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Claire Holt. This is probably the last we will see of Maisie, seeing as her throat was cut. And now we don’t know when we will see Claire again too, because her sire, Aurora, has her body. 

Apparently, Aurora got the distraction memo from Caroline, because while they were reminiscing, Rebekah was taken.

This was an awesome episode for Freya and Rebekah, despite the bad outcome. It started with them magically drinking together. I would love to magically drink with these two. It looks like it’s hard to keep up with Rebekah, even when she’s not in a vampire body. Elijah gave Freya his blood for a hangover cure.

Then Freya was trying to bring Rebekah home, but, of course, Rebekah wanted to continue to find a way to save Kol and she was right on the edge of it. It seems family is what saves these Original vampires and what destroys them. If Rebekah would have gone home when Freya and Elijah told her to, she would be safe. That’s one Original down and two to go.

Is Aurora on Tristan’s side or not? She’s taken Rebekah’s body and says it’s safe. This girl is seriously messed up. I’m very nervous about what her endgame is.

Once again Cami is mixed up in all of this and of course she would have the medallion. Poor Detective Kinney got pulled in too. He was the motivation so Cami would do exactly what Lucien wanted. Kinney was at the edge of the supernatural world, it was only a matter of time before he discovered the truth.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Hayley and Marcel were on the brink of death. An old vampire that was good at torture before he was even a vampire, had Marcel and Hayley’s hearts in his hand when Elijah came and took care of it.

Elijah had instructed Marcel to take out the vampire and he was not happy. He said to Marcel: “Next time I ask you to take out the trash, try not to dally.” Clearly, you listen when Elijah gives you an order.

Did you enjoy all the sister moments with Freya and Rebekah? Whose side do you think Aurora is on? Let me know in the comments below.

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