This week’s episode was a Charming-family centric episode; so not really the most exciting.  Despite it being a bit of a slower paced episode, there were a few interesting developments to come out of it – read below for more scoop!

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

The episode begins with Regina, Emma and crew trying to find a way to get Merlin out of the tree. Emma offers to use her new magical abilities to get him out of the tree, but Regina says it’s not worth it, since her magic is dark now.  Ummm… so now you’re worried about it Regina?  When you just had her use her apparently fully dark magic last week to save Robin?  That’s convenient!  I love Regina, but it’s just a little hypocritical for her to now be so concerned about Emma when it doesn’t concern something she needs.  They figure out they can get a toadstool from some random far off location, which will allow them to somehow communicate with Merlin from inside the tree.  So Charming and Arthur bro it up and go on this trek together.

1403031865jpg-99686c_765wMeanwhile, in present day Storybrooke, Emma is still determined to get Excalibur out of the stone, but she needs a hero to do so.  For some reason she decides that stealing one of the dwarves axes will let her chip away the stone and get to the sword, but that miserably fails.  Hook and Robin have their own bromance going on in Storybrooke; Robin moping over the sonogram of the baby and telling Hook he can’t help but love the kid, and Hook wanting “the old Emma” back.

Once-Upon-A-Time-Highlights-for-Season-5-Episode-3-Siege-Perilous-VIDEOEmma decides to summon Hook to his ship so she can try to get something out of him, but he isn’t having it.  The important thing in this apparent breakup scene is Hook tells Emma he “loved” her.  Apparently he’s only willing to be with her when she is the savior, but is jumping ship while she’s the dark one.  I can’t honestly say that I think they will stay broken up or whatever they are, but this doesn’t bode well for any type of longterm future.  In what fairytale romance do we see a person telling their “true love” they only love the good parts of them, rather than the whole?  So – at this point I think Captain Swan is doomed for failure.

Once-Upon-A-Time-Review-Siege-Perilous-Is-An-Hour-of-Intrigue-Double-CrossesIn a surprise twist, Lancelot is not dead and arrives in Camelot to tell Snow that Arthur is actually a villain.  Honestly didn’t see that one coming.  Arthur is up to no good and it’ll be interesting to see where that progresses this season.  Gold is finally woken up by Emma, something Belle is pretty happy about (more Rumbelle romance to come I’m predicting).  Emma tells Gold she wants to mold him into being a hero, so she can use him for what she needs; aka pulling the sword from the stone.

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