SHIELD 3 castA lot of answers were given, a heart or two was wounded, and a long-awaited kiss was delivered during this week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD. Two things are for sure: the real enemy is again not where SHIELD expected, and HYDRA was around long before Captain America was created.



Coulson has played nice (and more) with Rosalind Price of the ACTU (Constance Zimmer) because he wants to know what her group really wants to do. As long as she’s starting to trust him, she won’t suspect a thing while his crew sneaks inside. Mac is suspicious of her, but Coulson points out spies without trust issues are young or dead, and he knows what he’s doing. He’d like to trust her, and hopes he can.

However, she’s also working with Gideon Malick (Powers Boothe), who wants to make HYDRA stronger, with or without Ward. He also helped convince the President to create the ACTU as well. Clearly, they’re up to no good.

Well, maybe it’s not that simple.

Bobbi and Lance are able to get inside the ACTU, with him pretending to be a hacker with Daisy’s help. She heads SHIELD Many Heads One Tale Atowards what she thinks is the containment unit where Garner (Blair Underwood) is in stasis so he won’t turn into Lash. It’s actually a lab where they’re making a lot of terrigen-laced fish oil pills. It looks like the ACTU wants to make more Inhumans, not less.

Coulson is giving Rosalind a tour of SHIELD, and bantering all the while, He even talks about how he got into SHIELD because he wanted to know how it changed history. Eventually, he demands Rosalind be honest with him, especially with how she got inside info about SHIELD, including TAHITI, if she claims she doesn’t know anyone there. She’s mad because she really fell for him, and that he never really trusted her. Still, Coulson says he knows the ACTU really wants to make more Inhumans. However, she didn’t…because Malick didn’t tell her that. Oops.

The real enemy, though, is Malick. He’s the  guy from the World Security Council in the Avengers movies, but a HYDRA big shot, as well. He thought he could dispose of Ward, but Ward has other ideas. He’s able to figure out SHIELD Many heads One Tale Dwhere a very important Von Strucker vault is located in Germany, and hijacks–and abandons–an airline flight. He even leaves the plane with a big hole at 30, 000 feet.

Back at the ACTU, Bobbi and Lance try to leave quickly, but they’re stopped by a newly-minted Inhuman named Giyera (Mark Dacascos), whose skill is moving things with his mind. He has quite a battle with Bobbi with her Boomerang Batons, but he can’t see what’s behind him, like Lance bopping him on the head. Giyeara will be back, mainly because a battle with Daisy would be even better.

Malick does find Garner, who is wide awake in his containment unit. Apparently he pretends to be a friend to him, but makes it clear he knows SHIELD knows  a lot about the terrigens, and he wants to know more.

The biggest news, though, is Leo Fitz finally kissed Jemma Simmons! This is what fans have wanted for a long time.SHIELD Many Heads One Tale C Before this moment, they squabbled over why he honestly wants to bring Will back from that blue planet, even though he’ll be the latest obstacle to any chance of a future for them. She even admits she loves Will, but he still kisses her. It’s about time, but a love triangle is in their future.  As Leo claims, they’re cursed, but not as long as the fans believe in them. The kiss also leads to a revelation in their research about the portal.

That is connected to one more conversation between Malick and Ward at the Von Strucker vault. Malick reveals HYDRA didn’t start around World War II with the Red Skull. It’s been around for 2000 years, long after an Inhuman was born on Earth that was so strong, it had to be sent to another world. He even shows Ward a piece of the Kree monolith. He says he now wants to create an Inhuman army, with the ACTU as the entity that captures them for future use. Malick also thinks he and Ward should rule HYDRA together. We’ll see how long that lasts.

It’s also interested about how SHIELD was able to bring someone back, namely Simmons. She and Fitz discovered that NASA mission Will was part of was actually a human sacrifice. Its “goats-head” logo was also really an early HYDRA logo as well. So, if they do get Will back, could he also bring back the Inhuman that was banished 2000 years ago? That’ll be something to ponder.

Finally, Ward has a little chat with Garner, until he releases some mustard gas in the container. He’s interested in turning on the monster within Garner. He also says that May thinks he’s a monster, and now Garner has become one. Isn’t it interesting Grant Ward is now scarier than the Red Skull could ever be?

Coulson is determined to take Ward down, as a showdown seems to be coming in two weeks.


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