Last Ship AThe show is about a Navy crew fighting to help a doctor find the cure for a disease that has killed nearly everyone on Earth. They’ve had to fight off chaos, drug lords, and a Russian admiral, named Ruskov, who wanted the doc so he could control the cure.

Last week, Dr. Scott (Rhona Mitra) announced that finally she had a vaccine for the Red Flu, which was good news to Captain Chandler and the Nathan James. However, it came just before Chandler’s wife contracts the disease.

The season finale, “No Place Like Home”, shows Chandler (Eric Dane) hoping to get back to his family, while they hope to get to him. He gets a signal from Amy Granderson (Alfre Woodard), who was part of the President’s Defense Policy Board. She seems to be glad to see Chandler back with the cure. Maybe too glad. Oh, and she arranged to have her daughter Alisha (Christina Elmore) on his ship to keep tabs on his mission.

Last Ship CThey hear about someone called Thorwald (Titus Welliver), a former cop who is now a warlord trying to take control of Baltimore. He’s even accused of trying to steal the Constitution.

As the story advances, there’s something a bit suspicious about Granderson, especially when she asks her daughter if Chandler will still follow orders, namely her own. Scott also wonders why the vaccine the scientists tried to make could actually kill people, rather than cure them. It soon becomes apparent Granderson’s using the disease to help “protect the elite” and, maybe, create a better world. She already has the local police on her side; one shot the Master Chief, while Norris (Derk Cheetwood), the first state trooper the crew met, took over the ship. She’s also using the diseased bodies to power the coal plant.

Last Ship BIt looks like the show has turned from an aquatic version of Stark Trek, with Chandler being in the main missions, almost like Captain Kirk,  into a variation of Revolution, where the good guys have to battle people who think they are the true successors to the old USA. At least Granderson as the main adversary is a better choice than Admiral Ruskov.

Also, Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson) finally has his chance to kiss Dr. Scott. He’s hoping they could be an item, but with what has happened, that may not seem likely.

So, Chandler is without his ship, and has lost his wife, while Granderson wants to keep the cure away from those she doesn’t think deserve it. It’s an interesting cliffhanger, and will lead to a lot of possibilities next summer, when it will likely air before the final season of Falling Skies.


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