This was the druggie episode. It all revolved around people being under the influence of something. Oh, and either Sgt. Wu is seriously neurotic, or he’s a beastie, ’cause he started eating his couch. And he apparently thought it was delicious. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So we have finally gotten around to proving some more of my theories right! Captain Renard is in fact playing the long game to take Nick out, and having Adalind (Miss Hexenbiest) make Hank fall in love with her. She makes him cookies with each of their blood in them along with lord knows what else. And she looks like Betty-homemaker when she does, which is kinda creepy. And throughout the show Hank keeps having hallucinations of her and she plays hard to get to further exacerbate his obsession with her. I’ve been waiting for this to happen and now I’m rushing through it, I know. But there was so much more to this episode.

The way it was edited was purposely dizzying. It switched from situation to situation constantly, not leaving any breathing room between scenes. I liked it, but now I definitely appreciate those scenes where Nick reads out loud to himself in the trailer. (Which makes it seem like he’s not gifted in reading comprehension. Which amuses me far more than it should. *giggles*) So I’ll try my best to keep this review less scrambled than the episode was, but I make no guarantees.

Alright, so snake-like Wesen called Skalingeks rob and kill Freddy, the dried organs dealer (remember him? and when Nick trashed his whole supply?), for a drug Wesen call J. It’s really some kind of mold that’s poisonous to humans, but as far as the beasties are concerned, it’s meth. His death means calling his next of kin. Enter Rosalee (Bree Turner). She questions the nature of Nick and Monroe’s relationship, which in turn kind of forces them to finally have to define it for themselves. By the way, because my squeeing, shipping ways won’t let me go without mentioning it, this is the first episode where Monroe is officially acknowledged as Nick’s sidekick. He’s like the Grimm deputy. I love it. When Nick tells Rosalee he’s gonna assign someone to watch her, she requests Deputy Monroe. Which, really, Nick should have thought of himself. Why has he not yet realized that you shouldn’t send regular humans to guard against Wesen? Oh, Nick. So smart, and yet so slow.

He sends Sgt. Wu to relieve Deputy Monroe from duty, but Sgt. Wu stole one of Hank’s Hexen-cookies, which is poisonous to anyone but Adalind and Hank, and he passes out on arrival. Luckily for him, though, Rosalee is good with healing herbs, and whips up something to save him. And as soon as she does so, I know she is going to be a regular character. Which is fine, ’cause I like Rosalee.

Can we time out to say that I really like the female characters on this show? Too many times, the girlfriend is a dumb-bat that has no sense of reason or logic and is just a damsel-shell. Juliette isn’t like that, and neither is Rosalee. And for that matter, neither was Monroe’s ex-girlfriend. Thank you, writers, for giving me female characters I can respect and root for. It is so refreshing each and every time one of the women thinks for themselves and does what they think is right instead of just deferring to the men-folk surrounding them. Which, on this show, is all the time.

As it turns out, Rosalee is a former J junkie, and gets the hookup so they can access a Dramenzel, or Island of Dreams, where they think the killers are getting their fix. It’s basically the equivalent of an opium den. A really color coordinated one. In red. …Which, now that I think of it, should have driven Monroe out of his mind, being a Blutbad and all. But I’ll just chalk up his not freaking out to his lifestyle on the straight and narrow.

In the Dramenzel, Nick takes down his Salingek and Monroe pursues his, but gets a gun pulled on him. But no worries. Rosalee clocks the sucker with a brick. At which point Monroe instantly falls in love. And while Rosalee does seem pretty awesome, just remember, Monroe: bros before hos.

Now let’s talk about the parts of the episode involving Juliette. First she tells Nick she wants to learn to shoot a gun. ‘Cause if being with Nick means she’s gonna be exposed to danger, then dammit she needs to be able to defend herself. And, as we see at the end of the episode, she’s a natural perfect shot. (You see why I think Nick should just come clean about the Grimm thing? She could probably help him.) She also sees the refrigerator repair man (remember him?) fixing their door and dropping off baskets and cherry pie. Oh, and did I mention “they” (meaning the neighborhood Wesen) made she and Nick a blanket for their possible future children? Those Wesen are hella crafty! So now Juliette thinks there’s a creepy-nice fix-it guy doing favors for Nick, but still doesn’t know he’s a Grimm. *sigh*

By the way, this is the second or third episode where someone tells Nick he’s not what they were expecting. Which begs the question: what exactly are they expecting? Because, more often than not, they seem taken aback by the way he looks as well as the way he acts. What is a typical Grimm like?

What have we learned?: Well, we haven’t learned so much as reconfirmed that Juliette is a bad-ass. (And that Nick should just freakin’ tell her already.) We’ve met Rosalee, who is also a bad-ass, saving Monroe and all. And we’ve learned that Wesen drugs are deadly but legal.

What’s going to happen?: I think Nick’s gonna find himself in a dangerous situation when he’s with Juliette and she’s gonna end up saving him. ‘Cause that would be cool. I think that Nick and Hank are gonna drift apart a bit (due in part to his friendship with Monroe and secret life as a Grimm), which is gonna make Prince Reaper’s plan a bit less effective. Oh, and I’ve just decided that Captain Renard is a prince. Why not? And I’m still waiting for Nick to encounter other Grimms. It’s gotta happen sooner or later.

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