Two weeks in a row Julie Plec gave us hope and then broke our hearts. The writers may be trying to tell us that there is no hope left.

**** Spoilers Below ****

After we said a very long goodbye to Cami last week, Kol killed Davina. The previews showed us that they were going to bring her back, so there was hope that we wouldn’t lose two characters in a row. But the Mikaelsons ultimately chose themselves over Davina.

OR320a_0249bThere was still a twist of events, though. It wasn’t Klaus that made the decision to do whatever it took to avenge Cami. He chose to find another way that didn’t involve sacrificing Davina. He hates Davina. I don’t know if he chose to spare her for Cami or for Kol. I know he said he didn’t want his brother to face the same fate he did, but since when did he care if his siblings lost their loved ones? Cami changed Klaus. He’s no longer the selfish man he was that only cared about protecting his family.

He’s still as smart as ever. He knows that Elijah and Freya’s decision has created more enemies. In the end, maybe he knew all along it could create new enemies and chose the strategic choice. I want to believe it was Cami’s influence that affected his decision.

I would like to say this is unlike Elijah, but it’s not. He’s known to put his family first and then regret his actions in the end. Freya on the other hand, has never had family to protect. You can’t fault her for saving her family, but she’s proven she’s just like her siblings.

OR320a_0542bI am not happy with what Freya did, but I still love her character. This has just brought more depth to her character. It will cost a lot, though.

I thought Marcel was distraught over Cami’s loss, but he’s ten times worse with Davina. He loved her so much. It’s no surprise that he will try to destroy the Mikaelson family, after that. He shouldn’t blame Kol. Kol is hurting just has much as he is, if not worse, since he was forced to kill her.

What I’m most upset with is the fact that two strong female characters were killed two weeks in a row. I know no one is safe on this show, but we had so many strong female characters and now they are dwindling away. Freya and Hayley are the last ones standing.

I’m loving The Originals this season. It’s been so intense and I’ve hardly been able to breathe on the edge of my seat, but the good characters are being killed off. We need those characters to keep the show going.

I would never have guessed Cami and Davina would be killed. They are such pivotal characters and I didn’t believe that their story arcs had come to an end. There was so much more to tell. I’m very disappointed now.

I’m also a little surprised that Lucien was killed before the finale. That was the big bad of the season. Now Marcel is taking his place and there’s still the ancestors to deal with. Maybe Vincent will take care of them after the Mikaelsons, but he will probably need Freya if he really wants to go up against them and I don’t see them working together ever again.

How will Marcel attacking the Mikaelson’s end? Can Vincent take on the ancestors by himself? Let me know in the comments below.

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