It’s taken about 6 months, but Nick has finally gotten curious about that key he’s supposed to guard with his life that Reapers want to kill him for. Still hasn’t come clean to Juliette, but we’ll still call this progress.

The key apparently makes an impression that means absolutely nothing to the viewing audience and may or may not mean something to Nick. It seems to mean something to Nick. But then, he might just be thinking, “I’ve gotta call Monroe and find out what the hell this is.”

So… Nick gave a kiss of death to Miss Hexenbiest. Death of her powers not her actual mortal death. Shame really, ’cause I really did want to know what they would have done with the body.

The weird thing about this episode is not a lot happened. I mean, Nick faced off with Adalind, finally, but it just wasn’t as gratifying as I expected it to be. …Although I guess it was fun to see Nick’s initial reaction to Adalind dating Hank, which I was looking forward to. But I just expected the fight to be more dramatic or something.

And we didn’t even get to find out what station Captain Renard holds. Adalind and her mother, Catherine (Jessica Tuck), only referred to him as “the Captain.” And I’m thinking that he holds a higher station in the Reaper organization than captain since the Ferrat are apparently a family and he’s a member of it. It was cool to see Renard shoot his cousin in the head, though.

I know I really shouldn’t be rooting for Prince Reaper (I’m sticking with calling him a prince until it can be otherwise confirmed), seeing as he’s working to kill Nick, but I can’t help it. I mean, he’s a really good baddie. He looks Nick in the face every day and Nick doesn’t suspect anything. And we still don’t know what kind of Wesen the Ferrat are, other than they must be pretty formidable to get respect and deference from Hexenbiests.

Well, it’ll at least be interesting to find out what excuse Monroe and Rosalee gave for being in Adalind’s house. Nick had to think fast on that one.

What have we learned?: Depressingly little. We already knew that Adalind was a Hexenbiest in love with Prince Reaper who was dating Hank to manipulate Nick. And we already knew that Prince Reaper is a bad-ass who’s especially dangerous because he’s so smart. And we already knew that Team Reaper is after the key that Nick is guarding with his life. We didn’t know that Grimm blood neutralizes Hexenbiests and turns them into regular people, but then there’s not a lot we can do with that information. Unless the Captain is the male counterpart to a Hexenbiest and Grimm blood has similar effects on them. But I’m not committing to that theory.

What’s going to happen?: I don’t even know. The Ferrat are clearly quite angry with the captain, and they’re probably gonna try to handle things themselves. And Nick is probably going to go on a quest of some sort to find the what the key unlocks.

Were you as frustrated by this episode as I was? Let me know in the comments.

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