In the world of The Touched, people who feel helpless, or think they should be powerful, do unfortunate things. This applies to a pompous Lord, a woman in a wheelchair, a woman with a mission and an insane woman who thinks she can make God tremble.
Most of this episode concerns Lavinia wanting to know what is in the Orb she’s been digging out for weeks. She thinks it must be killed to save the world.
It also centers on Maladie forcing Dr. Hague to dig his own grave, or is he?


The episode starts with Lavinia looking at the Orb, and wondering what’s inside. Something is swimming in there, and she tries to touch it. It pushes her back in her chair.
Once again, her hatred of being crippled despite her social stature makes her lash out on things, including the Touched.
She visits Amalia at the orphanage, and threatens to end her support. For “their own good”, she’s surrounding the place with more guards. After all. the Purists have stepped up their attacks against the Touched, and even drove Dr. Cousens (Zackary Momoh) and his family out of their own home. They’re also at the orphanage, which is awkward since he had been having sex with Amalia. The “cordial” relationship between “benefactor” and the Touched is breaking down, although it seems Lavinia doesn’t know Amalia is on to her. Amalia also isn’t sure how Hague is involved.
Penance also builds something that’s supposed to trace the call Amalia got a few days before. What they get is an odd song that causes what seems to be electricity flowing in the air.

Much of this episode also involves Maladie and Hague, but their scenes don’t go anywhere. She tells him to dig, anf he wonders if she plans to kill him. That’s it. It’s implied he scarred her in the asylum because of his insane experiments. He treats her like his patient, calling her “Sarah”, but they don’t go anywhere.

Meanwhile, Augie (Tom Riley) is developing his “bird skills” to help Penance and her friends. Again, they’re a cute couple, and she wonders why he hasn’t kissed her yet. So do we. He’s also concerned about what Lavinia is doing, so he gets a bird to follow her.
Good idea. She visits Lucy (Elizabeth Berrington) in prison, and wants her to break the Orb. She doesn’t get Lucy out, but Mundi does. He’s certain she didn’t kill the child because he knew she was stabbed. He also hopes to get something on Massen, because he thinks he targeted Mary, the one who had that magic song. So, he lets Lucy literally break out. She heads to the Orb for Lavinia, and so does Augie.

Then there’s Lord Massen (Pip Torrens). He still thinks he is the master of all he surveys, even thinks God is an Englishman. HIs hatred for the Touched is based on the spores killing his daughter Lillie. His plan is to keep the Touched apart to keep them from being a threat. That also means it’s the end of the orphanage. He’s not even pretending to protect the world from the Touched. He just wants his will imposed. He even tells his staff to ignore any knocking under the house? Why, though?
He doesn’t convince his fellow Lords to accept his plan. However, he does meet with the Beggar King to maintain their plans of chaos, then blame the Touched. Massen will fund an army in exchange of a favor.

The climax is Lucy trying to crack the Orb. Somehow Amalia feels that happening, but so does Maladie. The Orb does crack, causing a cave-in and major damage around London.
What was inside is what seems to be a baby Galanthi. Lucy picks it up in wonder, but Lavinia wants it killed. The creature prevents that by toppling her, and it gets away.

This episode wasn’t as good as the previous one, mainly because of Maladie not making sense. Lavinia finally gets what she wants, thinking if offsets her inability to walk. It will wind up making things worse for the world, and her relationship with Augie.
Next time, the aftermath of a cracked alien orb, and a long-awaited confrontation.

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