Every season, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a movie that puzzles viewers and riffers alike. This is one of those movies.

It’s “The Day Time Ended” where a family heads to their home in the desert, and experience weird UFO experiences or maybe the weirdest meteor shower ever. This supposedly takes place after three stars exploded. The youngest child is amused by a small green man that appears out of nowhere, but the mom isn’t amused. The head of the family, played by Jim Davis from Dallas, is concerned about having some steak milk.

There’s also a small spaceship that looks like an evil Betamax camera that appears out of nowhere, looking at the family. followed by two monsters who look like mutated gorilla-Godzilla hybrids. Soon, two of the girls disappear along with their house

The movie ends with no explanation why these things are happening, but it doesn’t matter. The family is reunited, and they find themselves near a domed city which Jonah describes as “where Boston album covers go to die.”

Some riffing highlights:

Not much is happening
This whole movie is like the cold open of a Columbo episode

The little girl is amused by the little green man dancing on her doorknob
If this was my Elf on a Shelf, I’d put it in the drawer.

Suddenly, a bunch of abandoned planes, spaceships and space junk appear on the front yard.
The Battlestar Galactica landfill

There’s also riffs on Madness, Harry Potter, Saturday Night Fever and Gwen Stefani.

While the movie was kind of weak, and the riffing was a bit off, the host segments were better. Tom Servo, for example,  borrows from The Music Man to show how confusing sci-fi movies can be good.

The big news, however, is the return of this guy…

Yes, it looks like Lawrence Erhardt (J. Elvis Weinstein) wasn’t “killed” in “Earth vs. the Spider”. He’s been doing his own thing with the spaceship he inherited from the late (sob) Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank. He wants to scatter their ashes with the song “Idiot Control Now” from the “Pod People” episode. Kinga and her crew are eager to help find it somewhere in the liquid archives.
Oh, and Larry claims Kinga’s mom is Kim Cattrell, and Kinga seems to believe it. Wonder what Kim would think?

Next up, a heist film that includes piranhas.

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