So far, The Nevers has done less scenes with the Touched showing their powers, and more with how people are reacting to them. Some like Lord Massen think their power could be ruined by them, while Lavinia Bidlow thinks they’re better off without their powers. Thing is, she bases this on an insane doctor and her anger that she’s crippled. She envies the fact they can do something.
Then there’s the Touched themselves, coming to grips with their own powers. This time, everyone looks for the baby Galanthi that was inside the orb, the truth about Massen’s daughter is hinted even more, and Amalia and Penance try to figure out what to do next but are reunited with a dangerous enemy.
Yet what opens this episode is the main plot, the collapse of the Bidlows.


Again, the plot centers on power, who has it, who doesn’t and who deserves it. This episode centers on the Bidlows, Augie (Tom Riley) and Lavinia (Olivia Williams). It shows they’ve been in a battle over who should control the family. It all stems from an incident years ago, when she forced him to burn down his new aviary when she say bird bodies everywhere.

Back to the mine where the Orb was there, the baby Galanthi is lost and scared, trying to get out. It’s not the only one. Augie does find Lavinia, and helps her get out of the rocks. She asks him why he’s there, and he’s evasive about that…and what “Galanthi” means. She’s also evasive about that.
It doesn’t take long before they both admit the truth. It develops into worse resentments. She admits she thinks Augie is touched, and may go insane because if it. That’s why she thinking getting rid of the Orb and Galanthi will save everyone. He doesn’t understand, because he prefers trying to understand the unknown. Again, though, it’s because she resents his forbidden power.
However, it’s more than that. She reveals it was his fault she was crippled because he pushed her from probably a great height.
Although he said he was a child, she says he’s disgraced the family. This leads him to a drastic decision, and is a further reflection how how social power fears the Touched’s powers.

Meanwhile, Penance and Amalia try to get out as well. They spend much of the episode doing that. Amalia finds Lucy, who is near death. She doesn’t say Lavinia is to blame but describes the Galanthi’s song just before it was set free. Then she dies.
Amalia is also getting ripples about her “past” as Molly just before she gets married. However, the trail the baby Galanthi bleeds into that. She also gets ripples about how she left Maladie behind at the asylum. Amalia tries to fight the effects, but she’s clearly worn down by them.

Above the ground, though, other people are dealing with the Orb in their own ways. Hugo Swann (James Norton), who’s trying to avoid seeing his dying dad, thinks an orgy at his place is the best solution. He even includes living statues, but the Touched who are there with him don’t use their powers. He may be obnoxious, but there’s someone who would like to make a difference but is too cynical to try. A letter, however, may change all that. It’s about time someone with some power honestly should help the Touched, now that Lavinia will not.

Lord Massen finally admits his daughter is alive and trapped in a basement. It’s not shown what she has really become, but he thinks she’s better off in there. Eventually, he thinks she’s better off dead. He nearly shoots her with a rifle, but soon plans to kill her as an act of mercy. He’s also a man who can’t deal with things he can’t control. So, he thinks he can change the world though petty bills.

As for Maladie, she finally finished her digging. It’s not to bury Hague, who is still nuts, but to find Amalia and Penance. Somehow the place she chose was near the Orb, and we already know she can hear it and the baby Galanthi. Eventually the doc escapes, but where will he go next?

The rest of the Touched are starting to doubt Amalia’s leadership, especially with the Purists coming closer while the Beggar King (NIck Frost) seems to be eager to lead them. It’s all for money and power, of course, and killing his big brute who almost killed Mrs. True is worth the price. It’s not long before Fireball Annie (Rochelle Neil) trains them for what’s next.

Finally, the show gives fans the rematch between Maladie, Amalia and Penance. It’s filled with chaos: Maladie kisses Amalia, then tries to kill Pen, then Amalia. Maladie represents the chaos people feel when they approach the unknown…or are victims of abuse. Remember, we still don’t know what Hague did to her. Eventually, Penance thinks she has to leave Amalia and help the rest of the Touched. Mal and Amalia fight all over the sewers, and interrupt Swann’s orgy. That’s also a sign he’ll have to get involved, but he doesn’t accept it yet.

Both Maladie and Amalia swim after the Galanthi but Maladie wants to kill it. Soon, the baby alien sings a song that seems to have penetrated their hearts. Is this how it thinks it’ll fix London and the world? Two people who may be connected is a start, but it may not be enough.

This episode does a much better job showing how the Touched are affecting people, and how that’s exploited. It’s clearly a reflection of what’s happening now, and that humans haven’t learned nearly enough and refuse to do that. If something arrives that may make people better, it can be embraced or attacked. Depends on the person. If this happened today, it would be the same result. It’ll be interesting to see how many of Joss Whedon’s intentions for the show were kept after the sixth episode, but it seems enough of them stayed until the end.
So, will the baby Galanthi emerge to help others, and what happens to Maladie and Amalia? It’ll be a surprise for both.

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