This week’s beastie: BEES!

This episode’s fairytale quote must have come from one of the more obscure fairy tales, because I have no idea where it’s from. Obscure or not, it was still an intriguing episode.

Miss HexenbiestSo basically, after a few women who turn out to be Hexenbiests are murdered, Nick ends up having to protect the same Hexenbiest Reaper, Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee), that injected him with neurotoxins. He threatens to let the bee people called Mellifers, the only enemy of Hexenbiests, kill her. And he would’ve been happy to watch it happen too, but his partner, Hank, interferes and Nick ends up having to shoot the Mellifer queen (Nana Visitor). But as the Queen Bee dies, she warns Nick, “He’s coming for you. Beware. It’s close.”

Now, I understand she was busy dying at the moment and all, but could she be more vague? Couldn’t she have said some something like, “He’s close to you.” I mean, that would still be vague enough that it would only narrow things down to the homicide department. Which isn’t even narrowing it that much. Maybe I’m being hard on Queen Bee, but I think she could have done a better job of her last words warning. …Assuming she is talking about Captain Renard.

Queen BeeAnyway, we’ve established a few things in this episode. We learned that one type of Reaper is the Hexenbiest and that they have a mark under their tongue. And, in the process, we can deduce that Captain Renard is something else.


We learned that there are bee people called Mellifers and that they seem to be supportive of Team Grimm. Though you have to wonder if they’re only Team Grimm because their only enemy, the Hexenbiest, is Team Reaper. You know, the old “enemy of my enemy is my friend” line. And we learned that in a pinch, both Hank and Nick will lose all common sense and instead of just closing the bathroom door and effectively shutting out most of the bee swarm, they will instead opt to fight off the swarm with hand towels. I’m just saying I was a little disappointed in Nick after he was so clever during the rest of the episode. And while on that note, why the hell didn’t Hank roll down his sleeves during the first bee attack? It’s the first thing I would have done. And when Miss Hexenbiest sees the bee swarm, she runs to the basement. ‘Cause it’s not like bees could ever make their way there! Oh wait. That’s right. They wouldn’t have any trouble at all. Bad move, Miss Hexenbiest.Nick

This episode also lets us see a bit more bonding between Nick and Monroe. They seem like they might actually be friends who hang out in another episode or so. Nick calls on Monroe to use his nose to sniff out Queen Bee. And it’s always good to see Monroe come on screen since the funniest dialogue comes from him.

And on a side note, it’s really refreshing to see someone get a huge, overwhelming destiny heaped on them and still keep their sense of humor instead of getting all pouty and broody and why-me-ish. Moody heroes just aren’t quite as fun.

What have we learned?: Nick may have more allies, Nick found the creepiest trailer park on earth to stow creepy Aunt Marie’s trailer, and everyone loses common sense when faced with a bee swarm.

What’s going to happen?: I think that Nick is going to end up in more situations where he is forced to work peaceably with Miss Hexenbiest. Either that, or she’s gonna be his Carmen SanDiego; always slipping away at the last instant. And, this is another of my wild unfounded theories, but I’m guessing at some point the message about the Mellifer queen’s death is gonna get scrambled, like in the telephone game, and some of them are gonna come after Nick.

What do you think? Are the Mellifers sincerely on Team Grimm, or do they have their own agenda? Let me know in the comments.

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