This week, the Inhumans have no choice but to rely on humans to find their way home. Making that choice will help in some ways, but not in others. Also, Maximus tries to find another way to be Inhuman, and an unsuspecting doctor is part of the plan.



That doctor is Evan Declan (Henry Ian Cusick), who sprung Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Sammy (Faleolo Alailima) from prison last week. He’s a geneticist who is interested in Inhuman DNA, and how it helps them change and acquire abilities. He’s taking them to his lab in a remote part of the island. He looks too good to be true, though, and there is a reason why.

Meanwhile, Louise (Ellen Woglom) is trying to keep up with the helicopter while Medusa’s (Serinda Swan) pointing a gun at her. It’s understandable she wants to find Black Bolt, but her desperation doesn’t make her look good. It gets worse when she forces Louise to ignore speed limits, red lights and cops chasing them. They get away, but when Medusa looks at the Moon, Louise somehow figures out Medusa is from the Moon based in the energy pulses back in the pilot. Louise also figures out someone did step on the Moon Rover, which was Gorgon. That seems to be a bit too quick. She must know more than she’s letting on.

Then there’s Lockjaw being hit by a dune buggy driven by some guy named Dave (Chad Buchanan). Crystal (Isabelle Cornish), in full princess mode, demands that he find a doctor for her dog. It turns out Dave has to get her ex-girlfriend, a vet student named Audrey (Liv Hewson), to help Lockjaw. Of course, the dog will recover and he high-fives Crystal, who says no human has ever touched her before. That’s a big hint they’ll have a romance that will drag the show down. It also makes her less important to the main plot.

It seems Maximus’ (Iwan Rhoen) plan for power is more complicated that it looks. First, he demands loyalty from Tibor (Ptolemy Slocum) of the Genetic Council, ever since he deserted Maximus years ago when he didn’t have powers after terrigenesis. Then he learns from someone that if he gets certain DNA from someone else, namely Black Bolt, he could get powers of his own and finally be the true ruler. That someone is…Declan! Maximus has been helping Declan, but the doc has never met Maximus. Declan thinks his research can help people and wipe out disease. All Maximus wants to wipe out is his brother….and any opposition. It’s a clever plan, but it could also fall apart.

Karnak (Ken Leung) is settling down in his job at the illegal marijuana farm. He’s able to help with irrigation, and is getting closer to Jen (Jamie Gray Hyder). She tries to get him to swim with her at a beach, and it’s hard for him to understand since Attilan has no beaches. It’s interesting to see him connecting with her, much better than Crystal and Dave. That upsets Reno (Michael Trotter), who’s running the farm, and has decided who to trust and who should leave. He’s last seen digging a grave for the former accomplice he just killed. Karnak should watch his back.

Back to Louise and Medusa, who slowly try to understand each other. Even though she’s difficult to know, Louise is making more of an effort to understand where Medusa is coming from. All Medusa cares about is getting Black Bolt back. She even wonders how Earthlings ever got to the Moon with dumb rockets while she has a transporting dog. Louise responds by saying at least her company has a rocket that will get her, Black Bolt and her cousins “with ridiculous names” back home. Her dad wanted to go to the Moon (his ashes is in the small rocket ship she carries all the time), but never got the chance, Louise wants to get there for him. Once they do pause to understand, they do get closer. We also found out Attilan is hiding under a dome, and that’s why no one has noticed it there.

Auran (Sonya Balmores) is still looking for Gorgon (Ewe Ikwuakor), and we’re introduced to Locus (Sumire Matsubara), who has sonar. Naturally, Mordis (Bridger Zadina) with his death ray is not impressed. Auran also lets slip that maybe she has a plan of her own, but Maximus tells her to find Black Bolt.

They get to the lab, just after Black Bolt and Sammy realize they’re being help captive by Declan. Auran arrives, but Black Bolt opens a nearby gas tank, figuring she wouldn’t tell Mordis to fire his ray. She does, there’s an explosion, and her crew is knocked out. Louise and Medusa also get there, and Black Bolt being reunited with his wife is a touching scene. He’s upset Medusa’s hair is gone, and determined to make Maximus pay. They will get a surprising ally:  Locus, who he decided to help. Looks like he’s not so bad.

The Inhumans have no idea what Earth is like, or its people. That’s why Medusa does not think much of Louise at first and why Black Bolt has a tough time with how humans live. However, once they pause to learn, it’s easy to understand. It’s why Gorgon feel close to Holo and his friends as they battle Auran, and Karnak gets close to Jen.

Maximus, though, is still isolated. With no threat from his family, he can do anything…or else. He wants the Genetic Council to approve his bid to change his DNA and become an Inhuman. But if you weren’t born an Inhuman, you can’t be made into one. He responds by eliminating the Council, but keeps Tibor. He asks Maximus if he forgives him for the past: he says forgiveness is overrated.  He says he’s doing all of this to spark progress and evolution for Attilan – actually, it’s for himself. Otherwise, he’d talk to the non-Inhumans about what they can be after the caste system is gone.

Things may get more desperate next week as Maximus seems to be looking forward to Black Bolt coming back, while Declan may realize he’s allied himself with the wrong person.

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