This week’s Teen Wolf was one of the best of this season with several unusual pairings between both packs.  Tonight all things supernatural in Beacon Hills try to either save Lydia from Dr. Valack or try to escape Eichen House.

**** Spoilers Below ****

TW 5.16 HellHound Parrish actionTonight’s opening scene between Hellhound Parrish and Theo’s pack was long awaited.  It was both pretty amazing and, yet, still somewhat disappointing at the same time.  Parrish is powerful in his hellhound form, watching him take out three chimera was very satisfying until Theo ended the fight by impaling him.

The writers crafted a wonderful episode that split the packs, Dr. Valack continues to hold Lydia for most of the episode, and we get to see several folks help our pack get to her before she kills herself or anyone we really care about.  It didn’t take too long to partner Stiles and Theo up after Hellhound Parrish’s encounter while Valack escapes with Lydia.  Watching these two is entertaining because you can see the mental chess going on between them, even as they work together.  Theo respects Stiles because he knows Stiles is smarter than most people, including himself, and he’s wants to partner with him when their goals are aligned, it gives him a better chance of success.  For Stiles, it’s all about getting to Lydia.  Theo is strong and has the enhanced senses as well as not being affected from the mountain ash.

Dr. Valack works so wonderfully well for Teen Wolf.  He is a complicated character who believes he is doing the right thing, even believing his methods will protect Lydia’s TW 5.16 Lydia Valack
friends. Not only is he crazy but his motivation is hurting the dread doctors, to make them suffer the way he has suffered at their hands. He actually has a good plan to use Lydia’s powers in conjunction with a dread doctor mask to find the identity of the Beast of Gévaudan, if it wasn’t going to kill her in the process.  Interestingly enough, it was Lydia’s banshee cry that killed Valack while he was still attempting to amplify her powers.  While his death tonight was a little unforeseen, I can’t say he’ll be missed.

Corey and Josh escape Hellhound Parrish with Corey badly burned and injured.  Funny enough they get stuck in the same room as 7742038_teen-wolf-holland-roden-teases-key-stiles_6c21a4d1_mMalia and an out of control Kira.  How nice it is that the two injured shapeshifters are locked away with two others who can help them with their own powers?  I get that this is the episode where the two packs are forced to work together in order to survive, but this was simply so forced.  I like Malia and Kira and even Corey, but I do expect more from the writers if our pack is going to work alongside the chimeras.

Scott and Liam are doing what they can to try to get to the others, but this week the real hero is Stiles.  TeenWolf-423Don’t get me wrong, it was cool to watch Scott and Liam beat up some Eichen guards, allows Scott to have a freaky vision with Meredith, and finally they follow Hellhound Parrish to Lydia, all very cool BUT this week Stiles is The Man.  Not only does he not take anything off of Theo during their team up, but he’s the one that finds Lydia and gives her the confidence to hang on, to believe that they are going to get through it.  The pack is 100% whole again, and after this episode we may be growing by a few members.  Deucalion is playing with Hayden’s mind to betray Theo and side with Scott.  Liam is seconding this, though Deucalion has much better skills than the young beta.

Teen Wolf just doesn’t stop their awesomeness, before we can celebrate Lydia’s returns, we know that Theo continues to make another step forward in obtaining a dread doctor mask with his goal of finding the beast. Join us next Tuesday at 9 pm/8pm central on MTV for the next episode of Teen Wolf.





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