Why would someone kidnap Dirk Gently, and how will he get involved in a case that will involve a bored sheriff, a housewife who gets no respect, and a magical land who is hoping a prophecy will stop an evil wizard?

That’s what Dirk and his friends are facing as season two of the very strange and fun detective series, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.


The opening scene starts with a kid saying how Wendimoor is in trouble because an evil mage is threatening everyone. After a fight involving very big scissors, two princes from feuding families decide to put aside their differences (in a pretty surprising way). Pink-haired Panto Trost (Christopher Russell) decides to leave the land, while Silas (Lee Majdoub) tells him to find Dirk Gently.

Yes, that Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett), who’s been trapped by Blackwing because the new boss, Hugo, is convinced Dirk is a psychic. Dirk says he is NOT, and has the failed tests he took as a kid to prove it. Hugo (Dustin Milligan), however, is a total idiot, and will keep Dirk in prison until Dirk is more amazing than David Blaine. The group already has people with abilities, including some members of the Rowdy 3.
Hugo has kept Ken (Mpho Koaho) trapped in a taxicab for the past ten weeks. Hugo is convinced Ken has a special power because Bart (aka Project Marzanna) didn’t kill him. Ken’s mainly used as someone Hugo can turn to for reassurance, even though he keeps shocking Ken. Hopefully, this won’t last too long because it is not funny.

Farah (Jade Eshete) and Todd (Elijah Wood) have been on the run looking for Dirk, their actions having them wanted by the FBI. Now Todd believes in Dirk’s belief that the universe will take them where they should be. Todd has to, as maybe he can find his sister Amanda (Hannah Marks) again. Farah, however, is not so certain. She refuses help from her brother, finds out her dad has died. They wind up in Bergsberg, MT, where they cross paths with Sheriff Sherlock Hobbs (Tyler Labine). He’s close to arresting them for illegal parking when Todd gets an attack of pararibulitis, making him think bees are coming out of him.
As for Amanda, she’s with Vogel (Osric Chau), the Rowdy 3 member who’s still free. They’re trying to get to Blackwing, and she’s getting visions that aren’t quite helpful. All she knows is that they need to be going south.

Meanwhile, a harried housewife named Suzie Boreton (Amanda Walsh) is having problems with an unruly teenage son and an unhelpful husband. At her office job, a handsome English man (John Hannah) changes her life… by killing her boss.

Back at Blackwing, Hugo expects non-psychic Dirk to wake up an old guy they found. Dirk actually knows him but insists he can’t do anything. He tells Hugo that fate and chance are not mutually exclusive, and suspects Hugo is worried that something will happen. Hugo won’t admit anything.

Todd and Farah find an abandoned house in Bergberg that they aren’t able to break into. Todd finds a wet wall and a bunny who he thinks could be Dirk tapped in there. Farah just can’t believe any of this, and insists Todd doesn’t know what he’s talking about… until a car suddenly falls from a tree.

Nearby, men are about to cover up what the English guy did, and for some reason they have a spell book and a magic wand which they can’t use. Suddenly Bart (Fiona Dourif) shows up and kills the goons, and asks Suzie where Ken is. She considers killing Suzie, then she suddenly uses the magic wand and makes Bart disappear. It’s safe to say Bart will find herself in a place with a weird looking moon.

With Dirk’s friends nowhere near Blackwing how will he finally get free? Thanks to a strange shapeshifter named Mona (Alexia Fast) who tells Dirk to “find the boy”, he suddenly gets sprung… but to where?

Just like the Inhumans, the whole gang is far apart from each other. The opener is just there to set all the pieces before the main plot starts. When will they finally get on the case of the missing boy, and find themselves in a much bigger battle?

It could be sooner than they think.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency airs Saturdays at 9 PM ET/PT on BBC America.

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