We all knew this day would come, the final season of The Vampire DiariesJulie Plec and the cast were feeling grateful and sad as they did their final press room at San Diego Comic Con.  Executive Producer Plec was joined by Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice King, Kat GrahamMichael Malarkey, Zach Roerig and Matthew Davis

After Nina Dobrev left the show she made a promise to return for the finale.  How she’ll return is still a mystery but Plec did say that Dobrev made a promise to bring Elena’s character full circle.  She could even be “evil herself” if Dobrev decided to call up Plec and say she wanted to return for the entire final season.

We spoke with Plec, King and Malarkey about what we can expect from the final season and where the characters will all end up.

King said fans can look forward to a “very dark season premiere” and she’s excited for fans to get goosebumps with the tease of what’s to come.  She couldn’t give away too much but she did say we will get to see the extent of how dark Damon and Enzo have gone in the first episode.

Steroline and Klaroline fans are fighting hard for their ships to have happy endings.  The Twittersphere is all aflutter with the possibility of a #SterolineJuneWedding. Caroline said she was planning a June wedding in the pilot as Stefan walked by.  Fans can keep hoping, both Plec and King said, “We’ll see.”

As for Klaorline fans, there may not be much hope for this ship but the actress is impressed by their dedication.

The fight to save Enzo and Damon will be on in the final season.  Malarkey gave us a little insight into what’s going on with this his character.  If you were wondering if Enzo is still in there, it sounds like he might be.  Malarkey teased that we will see glimmers of humanity and Enzo starts asking questions about what they’re doing.

The actor is a big fan of the ships and is excited to work with Graham next season.  We will get to see Bonnie and Enzo together with nice and not so nice scenes.  He’s also hoping to reunite Denzo and have them settle all their baggage.

With the final season the story is making an “emotional return to what we fell in love with at the beginning,” Plec said.  Kevin Williamson is also going to be involved as much as he can.  He didn’t want to miss the final season and wanted to be a part of bringing the story to a close.

There’s been a lot of ships over the last seven years, but ultimately the story is about two brothers and “what they will do to rescue each other from the depths of hell.  And find their way back to each other.”

The Vampire Diaries will return on the CW October 21. Stay tuned for more on the bittersweet, final season.

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