The press room was packed and buzzing as the cast and showrunners of The CW’s longest running (and still going strong) show, Supernatural, arrived.  The “SPN” gang made the rounds amid the cameras and recorders of reporters eager to hear about the upcoming season 12 of the hit series.  In attendance were the show’s stars, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Mark A. Sheppard plus two surprise season regulars, Ruth Connell (Rowena) and Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester).  Executive Producer Robert Singer and newly appointed showrunner Andrew Dabb were also on hand to stir the pot of intrigue about the fate of the Winchester Bros., Castiel, Crowley and even a body-jumping Lucifer.

Check out our round table interviews with the gang.

Jared Padalecki talks about Sam’s painful encounter with the British Men of Letters and Sam trying to build a relationship with the mother he never knew.


Jensen Ackles talks about Dean’s reaction to the British Men of Letters shooting his brother and Dean reconciling his image and memories of his mother with the reality of the mother that has returned to her boys.


Misha Collins talks about Castiel getting his mojo back and going on the hunt for Lucifer.  He also discusses the next GISHWHES event starting in a few days.


Ruth Connell talks about the effect that working with “Team God” has on Rowena in the new season.


Samantha Smith talks about the surprising return of Mary Winchester and how she will adjust to the many changes of the world and in her sons — especially the fact that they were raised in the hunting world that she so desperately wanted to escape.


Robert Singer talks about the decision to bring back Mary Winchester and how the Winchester Bros. will deal with the new British Men of Letters.


Andrew Dabb talks about his new role as showrunner, Dean’s first encounter with Mary Winchester 2.0, interesting stand-alones featuring the return of some monster favorites, the British Men of Letters, and the return of some familiar human (sort-of) faces.


Supernatural returns in the fall on The CW!  We’ll keep you posted on new developments until then.

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