The Vampire Diaries may be coming to an end, but The Originals is going strong with a five-year time jump.  The Mikaelsons are still trapped with Hayley looking for a way to rescue them.  Executive Producer Michael Narducci said when we return, Hayley finds the last piece of what may help her save them.

We spoke with Narducci, Joseph MorganDaniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel, Charles Michael Davis and Yusuf Gatewood in the San Diego Comic Con press room about what’s next for The Originals.

We had the most fun with Davis and Morgan as they debated Klaus’ heroics at the end of season three, who’s the hero in season four and who’s the better actor.  Will these two ever make-up? Morgan hopes not because he loves the scenes when they are butting heads.

Klaus has a lot of anger in him after being trapped for five years and Morgan said he and Davis “have some lovely scenes” in episode one.

Voelkel teased a lot of what’s next for Freya: We’re going to see more of the female Klaus coming out in her, hopefully, love interests and a connection with Hope.  She loves working with Gatewood but that relationship may be tainted forever.  No matter what, Freya puts family first.

Tonkin tried her best not to give away anything by saying, if she can save them or if they can get out.  We can all assume the Mikaelsons can be saved, the question is how.  She mostly spoke about her hopes for Hayley.  She hopes Hayley hasn’t spent the last five years obsessing over saving the Mikaelsons and longing for Elijah.

Soon we’ll know who will be playing Hope but for now, all Tonkin could tell us is that the young actress was cast because she has a cheeky darkness.  This will have been passed on by Klaus, I’m sure.

It doesn’t look like Elijah is going to be feeling much guilt over his actions at the end of season three, though, Gillies wishes that the writers would play that out. Elijah is a complex soul.  Gillies takes us inside who Elijah really is.

Vincent was not happy with Marcel at the end of last season, but they both share a common goal, to keep the city safe.  This actually makes them allies in season four.

Gatewood teases a great season with a big bad like we’ve never seen before.

For fans who pay close attention to each episode, it would have come as no surprise when Narducci spoke about foreshadowing Marcel being the ultimate villain against the Mikaelsons.  In episode 301 when the prophecy is shown, there is a figure in the shadows that the writers intended to look like Marcel.

Don’t fret the delay in The Original‘s return.  Narducci feels it’s good so fans can feel a little bit like “our heroes do.”  The Mikaelsons, Hayley, Marcel and Vincent will return midseason on The CW.  For now, check out this video of Gillies geeking out over Star Wars:

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