While at Etheria Film Night, I was lucky enough to garner interviews with some women I highly admire. First of these women was the incredible Amber Benson, whose short film, Shevenge, was screened.


Photo Credit: Isis Nocturne

Whedonopolis: How does it feel to be at Etheria Film Night, getting to show Shevenge?

Amber Benson: I’m really excited to be here! I feel like Heidi [Honeycutt] and all the ladies who put Etheria on, they’re tastemakers as far as sci-fi and horror filmmaking are concerned, and the fact that I am part of this amazing line up of amazing female horror/sci-fi directors, it makes me really excited. I feel like it’s important and more women need to be involved in genre.

Whedonopolis: Some of us haven’t yet seen Shevenge; what can you tell us about it?

Amber Benson: It’s fun. David Greenman wrote the piece, and I think he channeled his inner lady – his three inner ladies.

David Greenman: I’ve been told that women have a lot of anger at some times, so I put it into the screenplay and let them have fun with it.

Amber Benson: We did! And we brought food into it – there’s some food action and some fighting. America Young is an amazing stunt coordinator, and she choreographed the whole opening fight sequence – and I think it’s a crowd pleaser – the fight sequence. They’ll really get into it.

Whedonopolis: Do you have any advice for up and coming young female filmmakers?

Amber Benson: Just go and make stuff. You know, you don’t need someone to tell you that you can; go and do it for yourself.

Whedonopolis: So far, you’ve done a lot of different projects; you’ve written and directed  and acted, you’ve written books –

Amber Benson: Yes I have!

Whedonopolis: What has been your favorite project to date? Is it Shevenge?

Amber Benson: Shevenge was really fun! Um, probably working on King of the Hill – this film I did with Steven Soderbergh – that was my first train to the world and that was pretty amazing.

Whedonopolis: Thank you so much!

Amber Benson: You’re so welcome!


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