AMC Preacher LogoUsually Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con is the headquarters for sneak peeks of new movies and TV shows, and famous figures like Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon talking to fans for an hour.

During Day 2, however, the producers of AMC’s Preacher decided to do something different. It held a read-through for this Sunday’s episode, “Finish the Song”, featuring cast members Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Ian Colletti and Joseph Gilgun.  They were joined by Danielle Panabaker, Kevin Smith, and co-creators Seth Rogen (doing the narration) and Evan Goldberg.
Fans enjoyed the read-through, which was augmented by pictures of scenes from the episode, enough to get them to see the finished episode on Sunday.  However, Rogen had a surprise: he showed the audience the fully-produced final act, where the two Angels, Deblanc and Fiore, search for someone.

Preacher Read

Afterwards, Smith moderated the panel, and talked to the cast about their views on the show, and how they were able to handle a story that no one thought could make the transition from comics to the screen.
The show is also getting interest from Marvel fans, since it starts Cooper, who played Howard Stark on TV and the movies, and Negga, who was Raina on Agents of SHIELD.

Cooper admitted he was scared at first to take on the role as troubled preacher Jesse Cutler because of what the fans were expecting from him. He still wanted to do it, though. “I was desperate to do this, to play the part whether I thought I could do it or not,” he says.  “I was helped so much along the way. It’s been an incredible journey of learned discovery, and who this guy is.” He’s relied a lot on the original comic books to get Custer right.

Negga has surprised a lot of fans with her performance as Tulip, Custer’s ex-girlfriend/assassin, and how she’s become a strong yet flawed role model. “I find her so thrilling,” she says. “I very much enjoy seeing a woman who can be quite dark and nuanced but also quite funny.”  A couple of fans wondered why Tulip would have sex with Cassady even though she’s trying to get back with Cutler. Rogen says sometimes strong female characters should be flawed. Negga agrees, “I find that it’s so interesting that she has sort of  created this shield, this armor, for herself because she’s had to look out for herself her entire life.” However, she says it’s good the show includes her with flashes of vulnerability and kindness, even though she doesn’t always make the best choices.

Preacher Read 2

Gilgun was also very popular with the crowd as he talked about he got into acting, and other racy subjects. There was also some discussion on how the TV doesn’t follow closely to the comic book series. Garth Ennis, who created Preacher, admits he is very happy the changes that had to be made to make Preacher fit the TV screen. So far, it’s worked, as the show will get a 13-episode season next year

Preacher airs Sundays at 9 PM Eastern and Pacific on AMC. Learn more at the show’s web site.

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