In the Comic-Con press room, we got to talk to the cast and the creators of Once Upon a Time. Producers, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are very good at staying tight-lipped and making the cast do so as well, but we still got to find out a few things about what’s to come in season three.

In the first episode, we will be seeing Snow, Charming, Emma, Regina, Rumple and Hook all trying to get along while traveling to Neverland on the ship together to save Henry from evil Peter Pan. They’ve all assumen Neal is dead. As you can imagine, complications will ensue.

Meanwhile, Neal is found by Prince Henry, Princess Aurora and Mulan. Ironically, he’s finally found his way home, but all of his family is in Neverland.

Find out what everyone had to say about this upcoming season, as well as things that happened last season by watching the videos below. The new season of Once Upon a Time starts on September 29th on ABC.

UPDATE: Looks like left a video in our suitcase. Here’s our interview with Josh Dallas.


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