Con Man Alan TudykIt seemed a bit odd for the Nerd HQ Conversations For A Cause to host the cast of Con Man without Alan Tudyk, who plays the main character, Wray Nerely. However, Nathan Fillion led a very spirited panel at the New Children’s Museum Friday where they talked about the show, video games and the business.

They didn’t reveal too much about season 2, since Tudyk and Fillion had a similar panel at Hall H that morning. For the record, Wray is at another con, apparently was in a musical version of Of Mice and Men with Lou Ferrigno, and faces the prospect of a Spectrum movie he really doesn’t want. The new season is coming to Comic Con HQ soon.

Fillion also explains why Wray is miserable when he really shouldn’t be:  “Wray Nerely can’t see that he’s loved and respected and admired and he puts success out there in front of him. He never defines it so he never reaches it. When he doesn’t see how good he has it, life kicks him in the nuts.”

The cast is also pleased with the fact the show was made it all without support from traditional networks. It was made by the fans, for them. “It’s so pure when someone says ‘I have an idea. Would you like to see it?'”, Fillion says, “and people go ‘yeah, here’s a buck’, and it’s pure. Nothing changes. It’s exactly as it was intended.”

The panel also raised hundreds of dollars in impromptu auctions for Operation Smile.
Enjoy the panel by clicking below.

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