A carnival may not be the best of ideas when there’s a killer on the loose but what fun would we have if these shows actually thought logically?

***** Spoilers Below *****

Audrey’s secret is out but not in the way she wanted it. While she was trying to get the nerve to tell Emma the truth, someone did it for her. I can only assume that was Zoe who emailed her but it could have also been the killer.

Scream S2 208Zoe was acting all mature having Noah deal with his feelings for Audrey first and then she may have just outed Audrey. I don’t trust Zoe and I hate how close her and Noah are getting. I know there are so many fans shipping Zoe and Noah but she has it out for Audrey and you don’t mess with my girl.

It’s unclear how Emma will react to the Audrey reveal but at least in this episode she was acting a little smarter. The Sheriff really gave her a wake-up call. With a killer on the loose, she really shouldn’t be running Scream S2 208around with a boy she barely knows. I mean you may not even be able to trust the people you do know. The original Scream film proved that.

Eli is looking more and more suspicious. It didn’t even dawn on me that him sneaking into homes makes him look guilty. Someone keeps sneaking into Audrey’s room and leaving her messages. Whoever is taunting her knows how to move in at out of houses without being noticed. That does sound like Eli.

Scream S2 208Eli is looking like the most suspicious character at the moment but he could still be just a bad guy. He’s been telling Emma twisted versions of the truth.

This cousin rivalry goes deep. Jealousy can make us do bad things and the minute Eli got to town he went straight for Emma. The best thing in Kieran’s life at the moment.

Scream S2 208Kieran has alway been a bit of a mystery but we are still learning about him.

Sometimes that best scenes come out of the worst ideas. Brooke knew drinking was a bad idea, she even said she hadn’t had dinner yet but she kept downing the shots anyways. It didn’t help that Stavo came and upset her.

I think Lakewood does need a wake-up call and Brooke just needed to speak her mind. It was so heartbreaking to watch her fall apart on stage but Carlson Young has had some pretty amazing scenes as she’s been dealing with her grief.

When the show first started I hated Brooke. She was the typical stuck up popular girl but as the bodies started to fall she has shown some of the most character depth. She’s high on my list of characters I don’t want to die.

My heart almost stopped when there was someone standing over her bed but it was only Stavo and she had invited him over. He could have at least knocked and not freaked me out.

Stavo is looking more and more suspicious. While there isn’t as much that points to Stavo being the killer as it does for Eli, he’s still acting sketchy.

It may be all innocent with him just using the murders for inspiration but of course, that gets you on top of the suspect least really quick.

He was acting more sketchy this week. He’s on edge but that may just be because his father doesn’t trust him and suspects him of the murders. That would make anyone be on edge.

I didn’t like how he looked when the cops found Kieran or the way he looked lying in bed with Brooke. There’s definitely more going on with him.

Scream S2 208I’ve said it before, this killer likes playing games. He played a dangerous one tonight. He kidnapped Kieran and had Emma come find him. If that wasn’t enough he dressed Kieran up as the killer as if he was hoping Emma would shoot him. It was lucky they were in the mirror section of the fun house or this could have ended much worse.

How do you think Emma is going to react now that she knows Audrey’s secret? Who do you think looks more guilty at the moment, Eli or Stavo? Let me know in the comments below.

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