Pretty Little Liars made us wait almost the entire episode for the #PLLproposal and when we finally got the moment, we didn’t even get an answer. Which was sadly, predictable.

***** Spoilers Below *****

I was hoping for an Ezria proposal but as the episode went on I wasn’t sure it was the right time for this couple. Ezra got his closure with Nicole by going to see her parents. He said he felt wrong keeping a secret from her and then Aria kept not just one secret, but two from him.

ANDREA PARKERYou can almost forgive Aria for not telling him about Elliott but Ezra knows all about ‘A’ and even the Jenna thing. If they want to make this work, Ezra needs to know.

I understand not wanting to tell Ezra about Nicole calling. It could be as Emily said, someone just using her phone but Aria shouldn’t have kept it from him, even if she was protecting him.

Ezria is my favorite PLL couple but they are just not ready for that next step, as much as I was hoping Ezria would be the #PLLproposal.

The writers made up for the lack of an answer by bringing Noel back at the very end. We may all be staring at the screen saying “answer him Aria,” despite knowing it’s not right, right now, but Noel coming back certainly a good distraction.

Most of the old players are back. It’s not easy keeping secrets around these people.

Covering up an accidental murder may be the least of their worries. Elliott may actually still be alive. It wouldn’t be the first time someone came back after being buried alive. Ali did it.

Plus when people seem dead on this show, they aren’t always. Just think about Mona. The question is, who pulled him out of the grave?

Elliott being alive makes perfect sense. That would explain more A.D. messages. And it would also explain who was coming after Ali in the school.

Now PLL is feeling a lot like I Know What You Did Last Summer. If Elliott didn’t have anything against the girls before, he certainly does now.

If Elliott didn’t think Ali killed Charlotte anymore, who does he think killed her? Plus, who really did kill her?

SASHA PIETERSEIf Eliott is working with Mary and Jenna, is he working with Noel too? There are too many people not to trust. Then there’s Sara in the mix too.

We’ve never trusted Jenna, Noel was only half trustworthy when Ali had something to hold over his head and Mary is still a big question mark. The way the DiLaurentis family spins lies makes me not believe anything that comes out of Mary’s mouth. I don’t believe Ali most of the time either.

If there wasn’t enough to worry about in this episode, Spencer was looking for Caleb. It pains me to watch her in such agony but they just aren’t right together.

It was so awkward watching her go to Hanna and Toby for help. These four people need to realize that they are all with the wrong people. Well, Hanna has figured it out. She’s wearing a fake ring not telling anyone that she’s not with Jordan.

Finally, Spence asks the tough question, “why are you wearing one guy’s ring when you might have feelings for another?” It doesn’t make things any easier for Spencer but Hanna needs to deal with her feelings for Caleb and her breakup with Jordan.

Hanna is in denial, Aria is trying to make it work with Ezra and Spence is desperately trying to find Caleb but Emily is always putting her relationships on the back burner for finding clues about ‘A’. Does Em have an end game relationship? I’m still hoping it will be Paige.

While they are trying to hide Elliott’s not death, there’s a new cop in town and Spencer heavily made out with him on the night of Elliott’s disappearance. Did Spence really have to tell him that she buried a body that night? Awkward. Cops never play well with the liars. How will he make their lives miserable?

Do you think Elliott is still alive? What do you think Jenna and Noel are up to? Let me know in the comments below.

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