If you needed proof that Klaus had changed, this was the episode for it. And if Klaus was ever going to be called a hero, this is the time.

*****Spoilers Below*****

I kept wanting someone to tell Marcel that Klaus was not to blame for Davina’s fate. Plus, Klaus didn’t want Marcel to die. He was heartbroken and it was going to take him a long time to forgive Elijah for it. Marcel had every right to be mad at Elijah and even Freya, but not Klaus. He never wanted to sacrifice Davina and he definitely didn’t want to see Marcel die.

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Klaus is so proud, he took the blame. He took the blame for his family and then he sacrificed himself for his family. He will be in internal pain while Hayley looks for a cure for all of them.

Now we know where Klaus was when Caroline came looking for him. So I guess that means, it’s going to be a long time before Hayley finds a cure.

OR322B_0468rThe Originals is coming back next season, so we know somehow Hayley will find a way to save them, but this situation has caused a change for all of them. Klaus is a better person and Elijah will bear a lot of guilt. I hate to say it, but all of this is his fault. Not just for sacrificing Davina, which wasn’t all his fault, but for killing Marcel. If he hadn’t killed Marcel, there might have been hope.

OR322A_0266rWhy does it always seem that when couples you ship get together, something has to rip them apart? I get that to keep the story going you have to break them up and bring them back together, but we didn’t even get to enjoy Elijah and Hayley together. It was the same with Cami and Klaus. First, when she was turned into a vampire and then when Cami was killed. I guess, at least, we can still hope for Hayley and Elijah.

OR322B_0287raKlaus and Elijah aren’t the only ones that have gone through a transformation. Marcel is not the same person. I don’t know if it’s the serum or if he’s that broken that it’s turned him into a monster. At least, when Stefan and Damon were battling it out against Klaus they were noble about it, Marcel is just a monster now. He won’t rule New Orleans like the man Rebekah fell in love with would have or the way that Davina would have wanted him to. Davina would be so disappointed in him right now. She would be disappointed in what he’s become and the fact that he tried to kill Kol. If it wasn’t for Freya’s quick thinking, Kol would be dead. She would never forgive him.

Vincent has become strong in all of this. All he cares about is the people of the city. He wants to protect them. He wants the corruption to end. He did the first step by disconnecting the ancestors, but now he’s left with an overrun city of vampires. Vincent is a powerful witch, despite Marcel’s new immortal abilities, my money’s on Vincent.

How long do you think it will take Hayley to find a cure? Do you think Vincent can protect the city against Marcel? Let me know in the comments below.

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