The freshman year of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow finishes with the Vandal Savage Storyline.  Our team finishes their first mission with a cliffhanger connecting to the DCU.  

**** Spoilers Follow****

Rip Hunter continues to be self-centered and seems to be without the understanding of how to positively interact socially.  He actually drops off our heroes in May 2016, but  leaves without a goodbye, unless you count a hologram.  I get that he is mourning his family as well as Snart, but after this time, he still continues to show on the surface coldness, suffering alone.  Without any hope of finding Vandal Savage in time, he returns our heroes to May 2016.LoT 1.16 Sara Laurels Death

The whole team, Mick, Sara, Ray, Stein and Jax, each of them home, but without finishing the mission they sat out to complete, not as heroes, but as Legends.  Watching Stein try to return to his life at home, he seemed incomplete much like both Ray and Mick.   It was no surprise to see Mick return to a life crime, but seeing that he was trying to honor his fallen friend, to not harm in their pursuits of lawlessness, but then in the same breath burning someone who actually had a freeze gun for being too violent.
DC LoT 1.16 Sara RipThe most emotional scene tonight comes from the Green Arrow’s lair where Sara is looking for Team Arrow, and instead finds her father.  You can tell that Sara is up for helping the team against Darhk, in the process she would be able to see Ollie and Laurel, because Sara was away hunting Savage, she didn’t know that her sister died a few weeks back at the hands of Damien Darhk. Seeing Sara realize her sister was dead was so painful to watch, believing if she had been in the present, her sister would be alive.

Also one thing to note is that the team doesn’t meet up directly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Sara shows up on the season finale of Arrow looking for Darhk.  It’s no surprise that Sara meets the others who crudely created ways to contact Gideon and Rip in the time stream, and surprisingly he comes back for the team he abandoned, to that point he also was expecting Sara’s reaction.  Interestingly though, Rip either gives a glance into how he selected his team, or he’s trying to passify the White Canary.  He tells her that if she hadn’t been selected on this mission, Laurel, her father and she, too, would all have died at the hands of Vandal Savage.dcs_legends_of_tomorrow_s01e16_still_0

At this point it is only a matter of scenes before they team is able to find Savage, Kendra and Carter.  From there, the team surmises that Savage plans to destroy time by temporally setting of the meteorites in three different timelines, but when Savage begins the ritual, it will make him mortal during that time.  Hearing this, I won’t lie I thought DC’s Legends of Tomorrow could have told this story in half the episodes and told another story all together this season.  I get that Vandal Savage and the Time Masters were the antagonists, but as far as Savage was concerned there was so much told in this one episode that it felt rushed, especially since every viewer knew that this was the last episode that Savage was the big bad.

hqdefault (1)The fight itself was freak’n amazing, splitting the teams as they did.  Rory and Ray have become regular besties even before Snart died last episode, but this evening you may as well call them a new dynamic duo.  Having Rip and the Hawks made good sense, and the White Canary had some anger issues to work through, Savage may not have been Darhk, but he received her fury nonetheless.  It was good to see Rip be heroic to save 2021 by being willing to sacrificing himself, good thing for him Gideon was able to save them and the timeline.

The entire episode was pretty good for a finale, not 10 out 10 or anything, until the last minute of the episode when what appears to be another time ship crashes in front of our team, and Rex Tyler of the Justice LoT 1.16 Legendary Tyler Rex 1 Hourman JSASociety of America warns our team if they get on their ship, they will die.  Apparently, Mick Rory sends Tyler back in time to warn the team.  More importantly, not only is Supergirl coming to the CW this fall, it looks like the Justice Society of America is, as well.  In the comics, Rex Tyler is the meta hero, Hourman of the JSA, and there is limitless possibilities of where our Legends could be going next.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s first season was okay, it wasn’t the greatest like both Arrow and The Flash. Now I can’t wait to see how this new adventure in season two plays out.  Join us this Fall for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


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