After the longest intro in the world, we finally got to a murder. This episode, Happily Ever Aftermath, was a retelling of Cinderella. Aftermath referring to it taking place after Cinderella marries the prince. A bat-like beastie, called a Murciélago, kills the evil step-mother with its sonar for refusing to give any money.

It ends up that Cinderella is a sociopath and she killed her mother, and over the course of the episode, one of her sisters and her godfather. She actually kills her godfather while he’s busy killing her.

Because she and her godfather are beasties and Nick needs a rational explanation for how the victim’s eardrums burst and their eyes exploded, he lies and says they were using his special Grimm weapon, which can do the same thing. Which brings me to the thing that bugged me about the episode.

Okay, so Nick calls Monroe and tells him to meet him at the house and bring the Grimm weapon. Then he goes with Hank to the house. So Hank and Nick show up and Hank comforts the last step-sister while Nick chases Cinderella. As he chases her around back he sees Monroe pull up. He and Grimm-Deputy Monroe set up the weapon, use it, and then run to the front of the house together as Cinderella and her step-father loudly murder each other. Hank, who, if you will remember, was also near the front of the house, somehow doesn’t hear them killing each other and is absent for all of this. I was expecting Hank to walk up at any moment and ask why Monroe was mysteriously there, but nope. He’s still inside the house, chilling out with the step-sister I guess, and doesn’t see anything. Seriously, writers? Seriously? I mean, granted we’re dealing with a storyline based on a fairytale in a universe that’s full of Wesen and Grimms, but there’s only so far I’m willing to extend my scope of belief. There’s no way Hank wouldn’t have found them both standing over the bodies and asked about Monroe.

Also, I wonder if Captain Renard recognized the weapon and if this will clue him into the fact that Nick has a weapons stash. He’s gotta wonder where Nick dug up such a contraption to conveniently explain how the murders were carried out.

And, once again, we’ve got Juliette doing quite an impressive job at researching the accident that killed Nick’s parents and finding the cop who was investigating the case. She’s a veterinarian! I’m not saying veterinarians are incompetent, I’m just saying it’s a bit unlikely she’d be doing all this detective work. Especially so quickly. And by the way, when does she go to work? She seems to have a lot of free time on her hands.

What have we learned?: Juliette can find anything on the internet in a matter of minutes, Nick’s Murciélago weapon is in evidence (hope he doesn’t need that back), Hank is hard of hearing. (‘Cause seriously, how did he not hear the Murciélagos killing each other?)

What’s going to happen?: We’re gonna see what Captain Renard is up to, Nick will finally tell Juliette about being a Grimm (hopefully), and Monroe will continue to be a bad-ass.

What do you think? Is Hank hard of hearing? Did you think the intro ran way too long? Tell me in the comments!

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