Don’t be fooled by the fact Vision and Wanda are now “in color” in their mysterious sitcom reality, even though they are.
There are finally cracks in this fake world, but who’s trying to come in? And what made this world?
Disney Plus’ Marvel show Wandavision hits the halfway mark with some answers and familiar faces.


So who’s responsible for Wanda and Vision being trapped in a sitcom world?
Actually, it’s been clear from the start:  Wanda Maximoff herself.
After all, she’s been a super-charged version of Samantha Stevens so far this season, doing tricks Sam would envy nearly 60 years ago.
She kicked out an invading beekeeper from the sewers and colorized her world just before she became pregnant.
Sure, Vision has done some tricks, too, he has not nearly been as powerful as his wife.

Let’s start with episode three, where she experiences the fastest pregnancy ever, while still hoping no one knows their secret.
That becomes difficult when the experience causes a blackout and rain inside their house (explained as her water breaking).
At one point, Geraldine (Teyonnah Parris) shows up to talk about work but winds up helping to deliver Wanda’s twins. Vision tries to help, only he suddenly gets super-speed to get the doctor there in time. That’s rather sudden…and familiar.
Just after the babies are born, Wanda recalls she was a twin, but her brother Pietro aka Quicksilver (not the X-Men version) died.
Then Geraldine says something she shouldn’t have:  she reminds Wanda about how Ultron killed him.
All of a sudden, Geraldine is no longer in Westview. She’s suddenly in a field, as troops and helicopters head towards her.
She’s not in TV Land anymore. She’s not even Geraldine.

She’s really Captain Monica Rambeau, astronaut, member of SWORD…and a victim of the “Blip” from Endgame. What seemed to be a 20 minute nap at a hospital was actually five years, and her mom Maria had died from cancer three years before.
Now, SWORD has tasked her with investigating the “disappearance” of what was Westview, partnered with FBI agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) from Ant-Man and the Wasp. Woo is trying to be the square-jawed heir apparent to Coulson, and how he handles this situation will show if he can do it. He’s doing OK, but it’s more complicated than keeping Scott Lang under house arrest.
Monica approaches an energy field that has swallowed SWORD drones who hope to see what’s inside. Then, Monica gets too close and is also swallowed. She, of course, finds herself in the weird sitcom land Wanda has made. For the most part, she played along pretty well.

Then another familiar face arrives: Dr. Darcy Lewis from the Thor movies. She’s the one who figures out the world inside the energy field is one big sitcom, which puzzles her and Woo. They even get interested in the plot. Bringing back Kat Dennings is a good idea because the MCU could always use a wise-cracking scientist now that FitzSimmons are busy being a family.
This episode also shows how Woo was the person who tried to talk to Wanda through the radio two weeks before, while one of the drones landed near Wanda’s house (in full color in their black and white world) Of course, the “beekeeper” was trying to get inside from underground, but it’s unclear what happened to him. The staff also learn the “characters” in the sitcom world had been portrayed by people in the real Westview,
That leaves one question: who are Agnes (Kathryn Hawn) and Dottie (Emma Caufield Ford) for real? Tons of theories have been spread, like maybe Mephisto and Agatha Harkness.
For now, they will be mysteries.
The episode ends when it’s revealed Wanda used her powers to literally kick Monica/Geraldine out of her sitcom…and repair her world before Vision finds out. Some cracks are starting to form, such as Wanda seeing Vision’s damaged face just after Thanos got the Mind Stone from him, Clearly, she wants to stay in TV Land, and this might be too much for SWORD…or even Vision.

After some complaints about why two Avengers are in a cheesy sitcom world, the show decided it’s about time to show that it’s dealing with a virtual world more dangerous than the Framework SHIELD had to navigate nearly four years ago.
Still, some of the jokes were pretty good. One of the best was from episode three when Dottie asked her husband if her earrings made her look fat, then the power went out (much to the husband’s relief). It’s strange no other sitcom tried that joke.
As for the fake commercial of the week, a harried housewife finds relief in “Hydra Soak”, which actually causes mind control with fake memories (as mentioned by Coulson on Agents of SHIELD).
This raises the question: is HYDRA behind Wanda wanting her sitcom world, and could Dottie and Agnes be behind this…or are they something else? After all, Dottie seems to be more suspicious of Wanda than Agnes, although Agnes has some secrets of her own.
Next month will be an interesting one as SWORD tries to make Wanda snap out of her fake world, if it can. Also, is the Vision in her world the real thing, or someone else?
One more thing: already people are re-editing the scene where Woo and Darcy discover Wanda and Vision’s sitcom world, like adding a “new channel”. The link is here.

New episodes of Wandavision air every Friday on Disney Plus.


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