SHIELD 3 castAs usual, the fallout from the last Marvel movie has had an affect on the Agents of SHIELD.  They are now expected to follow the Sokovia Accords that is supposed to make super heroes and enhanced people (including Inhumans) less hazardous and more accountable.

What happens in the agents’ efforts to stop HIVE/Ward from turning Earth into an Inhuman world makes one general think the accords are really needed. Thing is, they won’t be worth anything if HIVE/Ward wins.

The episode features an escape, a showdown, and an unexpected result.


First off, Coulson and May talk about the accords from Civil War, while we see Peggy Carter’s obituary and a hint of what happened at the end of the movie. They’re both #TeamCaptainAmerica on this, while General Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) supports the need for the accords. So, he’s on #TeamIronMan. He had expected to get a tour of the base and see what Inhumans are available (officially). Instead, he had to meet Coulson at a bar….located a couple thousand feet over the base.

Looking at who’ s there, including Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) and Elena Rodriguez (Natalie Cordova-Buckley) , aka Yo-Yo, Talbot thinksSHIELD Emancipation B that putting them and other Inhumans on a special list, including metrics on what they can do, may be needed. He especially thinks that when he finds Lash (Matthew Willig), who they hope will be the ultimate weapon against HIVE/Ward. Talbot disagrees, calling him “Rasta Hulk.” Lincoln is not happy to see Talbot, but he’s willing to be on the Sokovia list if that means he can finally help out.

Actually, the discussions over the accords seemed to lean too much towards supporting them. We heard a lot of arguments by Talbot saying that people should be protected from the enhanced, mainly because he doesn’t trust them. Maybe he hasn’t got a chance to know them more, and that includes the Avengers.  Coulson held firm on his belief they weren’t needed, because he’s aware such lists can be abused.

Daisy is still by H/W’s side, as she’s willing to donate her blood to help Radcliffe (John Hannah) make all humans into Inhuman. H/W has the perfect group of potential Inhumans in mind: a bunch of Watchdogs who don’t like Inhumans. With the help of James, now known as Hellfire (Axle Whitehead), the Watchdogs are captured. Hellfire’s new weapon is a red-hot chain that makes him the anti-Sailor Venus.
The result isn’t as good as Radcliff had hoped, but H/W says they will do, since they are strong and obedient.

SHIELD Emancipation ADaisy’s also working hard to hack into the SHIELD base to free Lincoln. Through her hacking she’s able to get him out with a plan MacGyver would applaud. She also seems to get him a ride out on a quinjet. Of course, Talbot is in “told-you-so” mode….until he finds out Lincoln was on to Daisy the whole time. He can’t trust her while her brain has HIVE Heroin in there. Besides, he figured H/W would be waiting there to control him. Sadly, he had to zap Mac to make it look like he was trying to get to Daisy.

So who was in the quinjet? Lash, who apparently is ready to fulfill his purpose of clobbering HIVE/Ward. He’s able to mow down the newly-minted Inhumans, and wound H/W. Daisy attacks Lash, despite the fact she donated most of her blood.  She faints, and Lash is able to cure her of H/W’s sway. She’s back to her old self, and her odds of surviving the season go up by a lot.

Unfortunately, James and his red hot chain kills Lash. So, it seems his destiny was to save Daisy from H/W’s influence. It also means SHIELD just lost its best weapon against H/W.

It’s also a major loss for May. Let’s remember Lash used to be her ex-husband, Andrew Garner until he experienced terrigenesis. Although he couldn’t be his old self again, she is still sad she didn’t have one last chance to say goodbye.

They also find out H/W got a warhead from the ACTF facility in Indiana that he attacked a few weeks back. He wants to spread the Inhuman virus to Earth, and no accord is going to stop him.

The episode also features a crisis of faith for Mac, who’s very upset Daisy attacked him last week. Rodriguez tries to SHIELD Emancipation Gboost his faith with a Columbian saying that translates as “Evil preys on the weak because it fears the strong.” She also gives him her cross, the same one floating in the flash forward Daisy saw. He has a little more faith that maybe SHIELD can defeat H/W, but who will have to be sacrificed to do that?

The battle between the agents and HIVE/Ward’s plans to change the world into Maveth 2 comes to a climax next week with a two-hour season finale. However, they won’t be at full strength. Lash is gone, and Daisy will have a difficult time shaking her HIVE addiction and getting the crew to believe in her again. Considering that, will she be convinced the only way to atone fully is sacrifice herself to save everyone?

We’ll find that out for sure, and also whether the Sokovia Accords will be imposed on the other Inhumans, next Tuesday.

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