Jinks and Pete enjoy a Renaissance Faire. Photo Credit: SyFy.com

***SPOILERS Below***

It’s hard to believe that we’re already half way through the final season of Warehouse 13, especially when this short season has been so good thus far.  In this episode of Warehouse 13, Jinks and Pete end up at a Renaissance Faire while Myka and Claudia work on safely waking up Claire while also helping Artie with the Warehouse.

There hasn’t been a ping for any artifacts at large for weeks, so when Artie announces there’s a new one, Myka is really excited, until she discovers that it’s at a Renaissance Faire. Then, she quickly turns her usual position over to Jinks. However, Pete is absolutely thrilled at the new job and can’t wait to get to the Faire. He dreams of dressing up like a knight and stereotypically saving a maiden. He and Jinks head off, only knowing that the artifact they’re in search of made a mysterious jester appear who could shoot lighting bolts at a jeering bystander, which caused him to have a heart attack.

Myka teams up with Claudia to see if her belief that Claudia is trying to wake up Claire from her coma. She is correct in her assumption and offers to help. This is something that actually bugged me a bit, as Artie has warned Claudia off so much, and I thought that she was slightly more rational about this and maybe would actually talk to Artie before attempting anything. Together, Myka and Claudia grab two artifacts – Bob Dylan’s bus transfer and Volta’s biscuit tin – to theoretically remove the music box’s energy out of Claire’s body. The transfer works, but not without consequence. We discover that Myka has been whammied by the energy of the music box. She goes off to soften Artie up for the news of what she and Claudia have done.

Meanwhile, back at the Renaissance Faire, Jinks and Pete are not doing so well. They can’t seem to find the cause of the disruptions at the Faire, even as strange people continue to appear and vanish (as if by magic). Eventually, they realize that a hapless guy named Oswald – better known as Ozzie – has been nearby every time something wonky happens, and they talk to him. He mentions that he saw a fortune teller, and she may have cursed him. Pete and Jinks search for her, and after a conversation, the fortune teller realizes that her granddaughter did the reading with a special deck of tarot cards that tell the future by creating it. The granddaughter, Katerina, is in love with Ozzie and wants him to be happy, so the apparitions have all been giving him opportunities to follow his spoken dream of being a hero and winning the heart of the princess of the Faire. Unfortunately for Ozzie, he’s not very brave, so he’s missed every opportunity thus far.

Shortly thereafter, “Death” appears on a giant horse to joust with Ozzie, and Pete and Jinks let him know that if he doesn’t compete in the joust, he’ll probably die. Ozzie freaks out and attempts to flee the joust. That’s when Katerina appears in the jousting ring, and suddenly Ozzie is spurred into action to save her. He ends up sliding his sword into the ghost of Death’s belly, and the phantom vanishes. The trial has taught him that he actually loves Katerina, and the two walk off together after Ozzie turns down the princess.

Back in the Warehouse, Claire and Claudia are hanging out as Claire slowly comes to terms with the coma she’s been in, but Artie is having a lot less luck with the whammied Myka. She’s artificially enraged, thanks to the energy of the destroyed music box artifact, and she’s throwing all sorts of really dark artifacts at Artie and floating in the air the way we’ve previously seen Claire do. Artie does everything he can to calm Myka, but nothing works. Eventually, Claire and Claudia head down to the Dark Vault, and once they’re there, they help distract Myka long enough for Artie to put an artifact in her boot. The artifact turns Myka into amber, but not without its own dangers. There is limited time until the amber will crack and Myka will be gone. Claire realizes that the only solution to save Myka is to accept the energy back into her own body and get put back into a coma, and she selflessly agrees to do so after remembering what she had done to her parents while possessed by the energy. She doesn’t want to see anyone suffer like that. Claudia again promises to find a way to bring Claire safely back, and the two have a quick, emotional goodbye before Claire is put back into the coma. Artie then talks to Claudia and shows her the research he has done over the past fifteen years to see how he could bring Claire back.

I really liked this episode. It had a lot of heart. However, I didn’t like that Artie continues to tell Claudia not to do things without explaining that he’s done it himself in the past, especially when it comes to Claire. He knows what Claudia is like and how impulsive she is, so why didn’t he pull her aside sooner and let her know what he has already tried to wake her sister up? That just doesn’t seem logical to me.

What did you think of this episode of Warehouse 13? How does it feel to realize that we’re already half way through the final season? How do you think the show will end? Let us know in the comments!

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