The biggest and most upsetting death in Game of Thrones history is now a thing of the past. Jon Snow lives and now we get to see what happens next! After last week’s shocking resurrection of Jon Snow (or is it Stark now?), everything has changed. Will Jon give us insights into what was “beyond” death? Or, will he go back to knowing “nothing” about anything.

Now, that Jon is back, can we enlist Melisandre to bring back some other fan faves — Oberyn? Robb? Ned? Not you, Joffrey. Melisandre needs to get to work, am I right people?

DavosCastle Black: Jon cracks his recently dead body back to life and freaks out when he realizes he is alive. Davos and Melisandre help him out. When asked what he saw, Jon relates that he saw “nothing.” So, death is all there is in Westeros. That is pretty crappy. Jon can’t believe he was betrayed by Olly and the other men. It physically hurts him to think about it. His friends, Tormund Giantsbane and Dolorous Edd, are happy to see Jon alive. Later, Jon has his four enemies in nooses, including Alliser Thorne and the wretched Olly. He gives them a moment to speak then swings the sword, killing them all. Goodbye Olly, you were the WORST. After this awful deed, Jon gives his black commander cloak to Edd and leaves the Night’s Watch forever. And now his watch has ended.

Beyond the Wall: Meanwhile, his half-brother, Bran, gets a glimpse into one of the most famous scenes in Westerosi legend: the Tower of Joy. Young 20-something Ned goes to rescue his sister, Lyanna, with a group of his men. In his way, legendary knight Ser Arthur Dayne. A fight ensues and Ned almost dies, but his friend, Howland Reed (Meera’s father!), stabs Dayne in the back. Young Ned rushes towards the tower and Bran calls out to him. Did Young Ned seemingly hear his son? Interesting! Before we can see what’s in the tower, the Three-Eyed Raven rudely pulls Bran out of the vision. Ugh, what a tease!

noooneThe Sea: We finally catch up with my least favorite couple on Game of Thrones, Sam & Gilly. The couple and Gilly’s son are on a boat headed for Oldtown Horn Hill, Sam’s home. Gilly calls Sam her son’s father while Sam vomits into a bucket. Great. I missed them so.

Braavos: Yes, Arya/No One is still training, but she is getting better in her combat against the Waif. She also expresses confusion and sadness about the Hound and her family. The Faceless Man eventually gives her her sight back. No more blind girl and that’s about it in Braavos.

danymarchesVaes Dothrak: Daenerys and her Dothraki horde arrive at Vaes Dothrak and she joins the other widows of khals in Dosh Khaleen. They strip her down, give her  appropriate clothes and talk down to her. She is told she is no different from them. How is Dany going to get out of this one?

tytyMeereen: After an awkward scene that displays the complete social differences between Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei, we learn that Lord Varys is the glue that holds it all together. He manipulates a Meereenese woman, who was working with the Sons of the Harpy, into telling them who is funding the bad guys. Well, it turns out it is the masters of Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis (the other slave-cities) that want to bring down Meereen. That is bad news for the folks in Meereen. But if anyone can get them out of it, it’s Tyrion and Varys (oh, and Tyrion’s new dragon BFFs).

byrdsKing’s Landing: It seems Varys’ “little birds” are now under the employ of Maester Qyburn. He feeds them and sends them on their way when Queen Mother Cersei, Jaime, and Sir Gregor Clegane (who they aren’t calling Robert Strong) arrive. Cersei wants the little birds to find out everything from everywhere. Quite a request! Later, this fun trio party crashes the small council. Kevan Lannister, Olenna & Mace Tyrell, and Maester Pycelle are none too pleased to see Cersei. After a small war of words and a refusal on Cersei’s part to leave the room, the small council itself leaves. Ouch! That has gotta hurt Cersei’s pride.

cersMeanwhile, her son, King Tommen, is still trying to get Margaery out of her cell, but arguing with the High Sparrow is always a wearisome task. The High Sparrow works his theological magic and starts to manipulate King Tommen about where the power should really lie. Oh, young King Tommen, you need to go home and play with Ser Pounce before the High Sparrow does something bad!

Winterfell: After getting rid of his father, stepmother, and half-brother last week, you’d think Ramsay Bolton might be a bit choked up? Nope! He doesn’t really care. He just needs to find a way to get Sansa back and secure in Winterfell. The new Lord Umber refuses to kneel to Ramsay, seemingly knowing that Ramsay did in fact kill his father. But it doesn’t seem to faze him as he brings Ramsay a gift — Osha the Wilding and RICKON STARK! OH NO! Not Rickon! Oh, and to prove it’s Rickon, Ramsay is presented with the head of his direwolf, Shaggydog! What! NO! RIP to Shaggydog. Another direwolf down and I am in shambles. What an ending!

Overall, not much happened in this episode and it was a bit meddling, but the return of both Rickon Stark and Jon Snow, plus the glimpse of the Tower of Joy, will cement this episode as the beginning of the onslaught of season six. The plotlines are in place and the dragons are going to start fuming soon. Um, and BTW, where the ice hell are the White Walkers? Anybody?

Comment below with your thoughts and concerns. See y’all next week where Jon and Sansa better NOT “just miss” each other.

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