DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is so on a roll!  “River of Time” and “Destiny” are two of the stronger episodes of the season! The psychological warfare of the first episode only compliments the mayhem of the second, and both wreak huge consequences that change the show.

**** Spoilers Follow****

DC LoT 1.14 River of Time Vandal 1These last several episodes have made this season of our DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  “River of Time” has such a blend of psychological warfare between Savage and the entire team, of course he focuses on both Rip and Kendra, primarily, but uses Ray, Stein and even Sara to enact what he was unable to do locked up.  Also, Rip continues to show a side of himself his team doesn’t trust, let alone want to follow.  His tunnel vision of saving his family at the cost of anyone else nearly fatally wounded Jax this week, forcing Martin to send him back to 2016 to heal the temporal injuries he sustained. Those consequences get played out in “Destiny.”

Even though Savage is locked away for part of the episode, he continues to plant half-truths causing doubt among the team.  At other times, he blatantly shows Rip’s flaws, or Ray’s fears using these to manipulate and create opportunity for escape.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow --"River of Time"-- Image LGN114a_0405b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul and Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The team discovers that Savage is not only immortal but one who has also been traveling throughout time.  To Rip, this proves the actions he has taken against Vandal Savage are justified, and that the Time Masters should lock up the tyrant and return him to his former status.  To that end, Captain Hunter pushes the Waverider beyond it’s capabilities to return to the Time Masters.

Tonight provided multiple flashback with various members showing what they were doing before they left for this mission, particularly Sara with Nyssa and Ray with Felicity.  Normally, I am not a fan on Arrow and I hope flashbacks don’t become a norm, but they did lend for another layer within the layers this week.

Once more Snart is leading the way to stop Savage once he is freed and roaming on the ship.  Cold, Heatwave, Atom and DC LoT 1.14 River of Time Team 3Hawkgirl take the fight to Savage and a brainwashed Carter, while Sara, Stein and Rip attempt to fly them to the Time Masters.  Again, DC’s Legends shoot an amazing battle scene between Savage and the Cold/Heatwave team up.   It is brutal, action packed and with even a little humor to balance out all the testosterone.

“The River of Time” could have felt forced, but instead the last scenes of Rip taking Savage to the Time Masters was awesome.  I know several people saw Savage working for them before it happened, but to see the betrayal on Rip’s face, the dc-s-legends-of-tomorrow-destiny-screencap-via-the-cw_710427despair.  This whole season Rip has been about saving his family at any cost, and during these two episodes we find out that his former agency has been working alongside the very enemy he aimed to stop.  This is where this week’s “Destiny” begins, the team is captured, with the exception of Snart and Sara.  Rip truly feels defeated; his arch nemesis bested him, those who raised him betrayed him and set the stage for his family’s murder in order to manipulate, not only him, but those he has gathered, as well.  I haven’t been much of a fan of Rip this season, but even I felt bad for him.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow continues with the same formula of our team getting into trouble, then Snart and Sara getting the team out of trouble.  They really have become the ones that out think and adapt to most situations.   Part of “Destiny” was introducing the Time Master’s technology which manipulated time events, thereby making it a target that our team attacks.  It is so obvious that this whole episode is a set up for next week’s finale.  Legends-of-Tomorrow-Sara-Lance-and-Leonard-Snart-in-DestinyIf Legends wasn’t a show about time travel, Snart’s death scene would have left an impact, but obviously our team will do something to change that.  Especially with the news last week that Wentworth Miller was rewriting his contract to have Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold appear throughout the CWs DCU.

Some nice gems this week included Snart and Mick admitting how much this team means to them. More importantly, we see Sara and Snart admit their feelings for one another, before he sacrifices himself to destroy the Time Master’s tech.  This week’s mindset of the team creating their own destiny leads directly into next week’s “Legendary” the last show of this season.  Make sure you catch endgame of both Vandal Savage as well as our Legends story this season.  The season finale, “Legendary” is this Thursday on the CW at 8 pm/7 central.

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