The Arrow-verse mourns Laurel this week individually before coming together at the end of the episode in order to address the foreshadowing from this year’s season premiere.  While Team Arrow once more has arrest warrants out for them with Darhk’s wife holding the mayoral office… oh and in other news, if Laurel is dead and Sara is in the future/past… who is the girl masquerading as the Black Canary?

**** Spoilers Follow****

ARROW-419- Diggle FelicityDiggle was feeling Oliver’s normal self-blaming this week.  He believed his brother over Oliver, allowing Darhk to get his magic back which was a direct connection to him killing Laurel.  Being affected so much, Diggle actually went after Mayor Ruvé Adams demanding that she lead him to her husband.  All this did was provoked her to put together the Vigilante Task Force again, and once more Team Arrow are wanted people.

At the same time, Felicity too blamed herself because she had left Team Arrow and not watching over the team as only Overwatch, she wasn’t there to have the Black Canary’s back.  Oliver, in fact, is the voice of reason for both of his closest friends, as well as with Quentin Lance who is trying to find any means necessary to resurrect his daughterARROW-419-6.  One of the hardest scenes to watch this week was when Nyssa was talking to Quentin.  Again, he was looking for faith that he baby girl wasn’t gone, but she couldn’t give him what he was looking for and he refused to outwardly breakdown while being crushed with every word Nyssa spoke.

Lance’s false hope was even more confusing with someone masking themselves as the Black Canary, even using a canary cry as her signature weapon. It was sad, personally to see that Oliver didn’t create an illusion of her death, but Dinah Laurel Lance did, in fact, die. The young woman impersonating Laurel was a victim of Darhk and H.I.V.E. this last winter at the same time Felicity, Diggle and Thea were kidnapped. Evelyn Sharp’s, parents were killed during those Arrow 4.19 Canary Cry - NBCexperiments and she escaped but stayed in hiding except for going to the hospital, the same hospital the Green Arrow brought Black Canary, the same hospital Laurel died.  Evelyn, then was able to take her Canary Cry, and make it work at a more deafening screech.  Now there’s not to say this episode wasn’t without a few plot holes like how the new Canary knew the connection between Mayor Adams and Damian Darhk along with H.I.V.E., at the same time, it was also a little soon to see where the show is going with its next heroine, who seems to be starting out as more gun toting vigilante.

Arrow -- "Canary Cry" -- Image AR419b_0045b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, Willa Holland as Thea Queen and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Oliver Queen was the voice of reason this week, he helped each of his teammates through their self-doubts, in remembering who they are, and that alone separates them from those they are attempting to stop.  That was a line Laurel believed in and fought to uphold.  The Mayor used Sharp’s vigilantism to initially tarnish Laurel’s Black Canary legacy.  Knowing that Laurel died at the hands of her husband, she tried to provoke the team, slandering the title of Black Canary as one connected to Laurel’s murder, and nearly succeeded.  She used her influence over the media and law enforcement, beginning to sway the masses, but it was Oliver that shared Laurel’s truth at her funeral, the truth that she fought to protect this city in the district attorney’s office as well as on the streets as the heroine, Black Canary.  Oliver’s eulogy of Laurel inspired people at her funeral; Evelyn was there off to the side even.

Laurel’s death fuels Team Arrow for what comes in the final episodes of this season, justice for Damian Darhk, Andy Diggle and possibly H.I.V.E.  Don’t miss the last episodes of this season, Wednesday nights on the CW at 8pm/7 central.

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