SHIELD 3 castAll this time, fans thought HIVE/Ward (or H/W) was planning to use those terrigen crystals to make more Inhumans and remake Earth into something his kind would deserve. So far, he has two new members in his fan club, aside from Daisy, but this week’s episode shows he’s thinking beyond that. It’s a shame his plans have ruined two very good pieces of news.

**** Spoilers Below ****

The turning of Daisy has left a toll on the agents. If you look closely, nearly everyone has a scar or two on their faces. Coulson suffered a broken leg, but he still thinks she’s “one of us” despite being literally addicted to H/W. Thanks to his parasites, H/W fulfills her need for family and connection with others. Daisy is stunned how HIVE has Ward’s body and is still so different from him. She is still attached to him, though.

Coulson knows he’s got to stop her, but killing her is off the table. May reminds him he’s not Daisy’s father, but he says she’s the closest thing to a daughter that he has. However, he has no qualms about putting Lincoln in the line of fire. Coulson even tells Lincoln to wear a “murder vest” just in case H/W tries to infect him.

Fitz and Simmons think a scientist named Radcliffe (John Hannah) may have the key to curing Daisy. He believes SHIELD Singularity Bin transhumanism, or enhancing human abilities though genetics, technology or other means. They hope to meet him at a party in Romania that’s filled with “enhanced” people. Their bait is a set of artificial eyes. They meet a girl named Anon (Camille De Pazzis), who has wearable technology. She tries to force them to implant the eyes into Radcliffe, but Simmons figures out he has even better eyes than the ones they have. He, however, also recognizes the artificial eyes as HYDRA tech. Fitz says they’re SHIELD but Radcliffe thinks there’s no difference. Enhancing people and turning it into a combination of art and science is what he prefers. Come to think of it, he’d appreciate what Coulson has become. His right hand has many enhancements, including a SHIELD mode which is a virtual shield Steve Rogers might consider.

While this is going on, Fitz and Simmons ponder their relationship, and how they’ve tried to keep it professional, despite the kiss they shared last week. He even compares their relationship to a singularity, and how sex could be crossing the “event horizon.” All that’s missing is Mac saying, “No time for love, Dr. Fitz,” but he and Simmons have been saying that to each other for some time. What’s more important is saving Daisy.

SHIELD Singularity AHowever, she and H/W have been busy getting new allies. They’ve infected Alisha (Alicia Vela-Bailey), the Inhuman who can make copies faster than Kinko’s. She’s willing to sacrifice copies of herself if it means being part of the HIVE.  They also infected James (Axle Whitehead), who gets the power of making anything explode by touching it. He enjoys that new skill, but is too busy trying to come up with a nickname. He considers “Firestarter”, but Nitro Hands is much better. H/W also asks James where he hid the “companion piece” to the Kree orb that Daisy took for him last week. Thanks to his persuasion, and Daisy’s earth-shaking skills, they find it under the house. Whatever it is, H/W knows it can destroy him.

Soon, H/W and his gang kidnap Radcliffe, because they think his experiments can be very useful. Daisy and H/W each confront Fitz and Simmons and try to convince them to back off in different ways. H/W takes a more sinister approach by exploiting Simmons’ memories of Will, who HIVE killed back in Maveth. He sweetly tells her to let him go, and she does….by shooting him (just like Daisy did back in season one). As for Daisy, she just tells Fitz not to save her. She reveals the vision where an agent will die in space, and if Fitz and Simmons don’t try to save her, they won’t die. SHIELD Singularity CThis shows that while H/W has imposed his self into Daisy, Alisha and James, Daisy admits it’s too late for her.

Meanwhile, IGN has released this poster that’s a variation of the classic Spider-Man cover that warned readers someone would die. That person, of course, was Gwen Stacy. If you remember the homeless Inhuman who predicted the future, he touched people who got a preview of their deaths. If the pattern holds, it is too late for Daisy. Her death would be as traumatic as Gwen’s death, and it looks like the show may be headed there.

SHIELD does get a big victory, though. Now that Malick is dead, General Talbot has found HYDRA’s infrastructure and destroyed it. Coulson and May would be thrilled by this, but the battle against H/W mutes this major win. Besides, H/W and his crew could be an even worse successor to HYDRA.

Fitz and Simmons do reunite, and realize they do have time for love…and they do.

SHIELD Singularity E

Whether that love will survive what is coming is another matter.

So what will H/W and his Inhumans do with Professor Radcliffe? H/W says he is the first genetically enhanced human in history, even though that was ten thousand years ago. He expects Radcliffe to do what the Kree did to him. To do that, he has bought an entire town to start the creation of a new Inhuman Earth.

Next week, the experiments will get underway, and it looks like the Kree may get involved, too.

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