Vandal Savage once more becomes our team’s focus, traveling to his present where he will only be days before killing Rip’s wife and son.  This is a battle Savage believes he has been prepared to fight for centuries.  Fortunately for the Legends, nothing goes as planned, not even for Savage.

**** Spoilers Follow****

DC LoT 1.13 Leviathan CassandraFrom the second they jump into regular time, our heroes are under attack.  Savage has had lifetimes preparing his shock troops for Rip’s attempt at ending Savage’s reign.  For the first part of the episode, it is pretty standard with our team gathering the when and how on besting the mad tyrant within his own lair.  In fact, Savage appears to be so over confident that he no longer seems to care that his daughter, Cassandra wears a piece of jewelry that can be used to kill him. In this time period Vandal Savage has reshaped countries, what can our heroes… no not heroes, what can our Legends do against him?

What a week to introduce Cassandra, she was able to hold her own against the White Canary in combat and knows each member of the Legends.  She loves her father, or at least the father she believes Vandal is, and that was the mistake Savage made, believing his true self wouldn’t catch up with him.  To his credit, when Cassandra was captured, it seemed too easy even with Cold and DC LoT 1.13 Leviathan Team 1Heatwave teaming up again.  When she became Leonard’s project, I knew Savage was in trouble, after all she is his “type” for sure.  I am wondering if just maybe Cassandra may be replacing Sara in season two, who knows, but they were very evenly matched in the battlefield, plus her chemistry with Cold.

This week was another stellar week for our team who each had moments of heroism, each going the distance even when it wasn’t asked of them.  Finally our time bandits became a unit with a singular purpose, to save the world by stopping Vandal Savage.  I loved watching the compassion of both Stein and Jax with the refuges.  Stein, like Ray (I will get to him soon) have moments where they are so much more than just the scientists on the show.  This week we saw Martin shine with protecting the refugees, known as the resistance. Men, women and children who were only trying to escape Savage’s tyranny, it would be those “least of these” that Snart uses to sway Cassandra into seeing her father for who he is, not whom he has shown her.

lot-kendra-and-the-golden-maceThis was also a week for Kendra, where all of her training with Carter over the lifetimes and with Sara during this season payed off.   It was her destiny to battle Vandal Savage, the death blow must come from her, since Carter was dead.  Only one of these heroes could kill Savage once and for all.  She proved to be up for the challenge of defeating the mad tyrant, weaponizing the bracelet’s metal as a finish on her mace.  Watching Savage’s shock was worth every second. It was weird, because I knew we had more episodes, and this one felt like the season finale. Something had to happen, and of course it was Carter reappearing as one of Savage’s shock troops, not knowing who he was, his memories locked away by Vandal himself.  Kendra would have killed Savage, but she could doom Carter to a life that he wouldn’t know who he, or for that matter, she, was. dc-s-legends-of-tomorrow-just-gave-us-the-coolest-fight-scene-of-the-season-955587

I said everyone has a moment of heroism this week. Watching Ray battle the giant robot, Leviathan was amazing.  Again, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow spared nothing with this fight, it was one of most heroic fights this season.  The Atom (with help for Jax at OPS) went toe to toe with this giant robot after Ray reformatted his suit to make him grow larger instead of get smaller.  Our team knew that there had to be more than just killing Savage, preventing him from killing Rip’s family, it was quite obvious he and his forces needed to be stopped.  It became clear to our team as well as to Cassandra, thanks to Snart.

Still yet, Kendra couldn’t kill Savage with the possibility of saving Carter.  So at the end of this episode, Savage is locked up onboard the Waverider awaiting our teams next move while Cassandra allied herself with the resistance to challenge Savages forces now that he no longer would be in this time period.

There are only a few episodes left for this team of would be heroes destined to become Legends.  New episodes every Thursday on the CW at 8 pm/7 central.

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