Clearly no one is safe in New Orleans. Even when you feel like you’ve bought yourself some time, there’s another danger just lurking around the corner.

***** Spoilers Below *****

Klaus is even better than a kidnapped Damon. Damon isn’t scared if he’s kidnapped. He’s usually saying one witty remark after another just waiting for his moment to escape. Klaus on the other hand plays with his captors a bit more. He plays scared, when really it’s all about the end game. It must be nice being Klaus. Even when you’re in a room with the only thing that can kill you, you’re still strategizing.

OR318A_0062rKlaus has many faults, but being stupid is not one of them. Since Lucien is his prodigy, he knows exactly what buttons to push. Aurora will never love Lucien the way she loved Klaus. In fact, she’s using him. So, Klaus made sure Lucien knew that. Unfortunately, Klaus was a little too cocky about it. It wasn’t enough that Lucien knew this, Klaus had to make sure he knew that Klaus made it known. So now Cami has been bitten.

We’ve been down this path already. The writers seemed to kill Cami and then it turns out she’s a vampire and now they are killing her again. There must be a cure for Lucien’s bite this time. We can’t just kill her off now. Especially not after she went through so much to save Klaus. Cami was so amazing. She’s a newbie vampire and she went up against a thousand year old vampire. Sure, she was never going to defeat Aurora herself, but she did do very well for herself.

These ancestors have a pretty big beef against the Mikaelson family. Every time it seems like they are getting a win, the ancestors come in to protect the enemy.

Poor Kol. He’s never been great at control, but this is totally out of his control. He tried to get away, but the ancestors magic is making him stay in New Orleans. So is he really alive then? He can’t leave, but if he stays, he may just kill every last person in the city.

I thought we were losing Kol. He’s never been a main fixture of the Mikaelson family, so I thought this was where he parted ways again. As much as I hate seeing Kol go through so much pain, I’m so happy that he’s not leaving just yet. He’s got himself a storyline and I hope the writers keep him around.

I think Vincent being released from his regent duties is the best. He can’t be controlled anymore. Sure, he doesn’t have access to all that magic. But he wasn’t going to be able to take on the ancestors as long as he was controlled by them.

Do you think the Mikaelson’s can find a cure for Cami or is it the end for her? How will Davina save Kol? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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