Con Man week 2 BIf you haven’t been watching Alan Tudyk’s web series, Con Man, in Vimeo, start now. Thousands of backers are already enjoying the series for free, but those who haven’t will have to pay $14.99 for the 13 episodes. Still, it is definitely worth it.

This week’s episodes feature Wray (Tudyk) at another con. He wonders why so many women have babies, and soon finds out the con is sharing space with a doll convention. He meets Louise (Tricia Helfer) after knocking her down with his rolling suitcase. She also has a doll which she’s very close to, and her story makes Wray feel a little uncomfortable.

He’s also a judge for a cosplay event,and Bobbi (Mindy Sterling), his convention booker, is a contestant as an anime character. While her costume isn’t impressive, her moves certainly are. They impress the other judges, Sean Maher and Leslie Jordan (Will and Grace, American Horror Story:  Coven). In fact, they’re both attracted to her, but for different reasons. Seeing them interact with Bobbi are classic scenes of comic seduction.

Wray is excited about getting a new action figure. It looks just like him, and it’s selling very well online. He gets very Con man week 2 Cclose to his figure, even provides its voice. That leads to him getting a second chance with Louise, and they wind up having a moment at an unexpected place. They have dinner, but something goes wrong. Nothing only that, Wray finds out exactly why his figure is so popular. Let’s just say it’s a certain body part that moves in an odd way.

There’s another call from Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion), the only guy from Spectrum who made it big. He’s busy filming a scene, and two very familiar faces are there. Here’s a look at one of them.

Con Man week 2 A

The other one is on the ladder pouring the fake snow.

Also, there’s a scene where Wray tells Sean he loves his work on the TV show, Serenity. Of course, Firefly was the TV show, but seeing Alan as Wray get that wrong might stun a few Browncoats.

The series is available at Alan and Nathan were recently featured on Last Call with Carson Daly. Here’s a link to the video.

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