This episode wasn’t quite as intense as the ones before, because we knew Stefan would be fine. It was just the how Damon was going to save his brother that was the question.

***** Spoilers Below *****

It got a little dicy when it appeared that Valarie was going to sacrifice herself for Stefan. No surprise, but after all these episodes I actually began to like her. I still want Stefan with Caroline, but I really like Valerie.

VD718a_0076bI liked her even more when she let Stefan go. Yes, my reinstated hope in Steroline was happy, but really it was about her. She saved his life and then walked away. It was the right thing to do for both of them, but not an easy one.

She could go on pretending. Stefan would have let her. She chose to find her own path in life. That was really strong. Of course, she just proved how strong she was when she did a spell that needed two witches. Valerie is a great witch and a great character. I hope the writers can find a way to continue her storyline, even without Stefan.

VD718b_0593bBut this episode was more about Damon. It was him trying to make amends for turning his back on everyone. He thought, he truly thought, he was doing the right thing. He can’t seem to do anything right, so why not get out of the way? Now he had to save his brother. It came down to the wire, but he did it. Even if he was going to sacrifice Valarie to do it.

Once Stefan was safe, he could make amends with others. He was trying to find out where Bonnie was beforehand, so she can’t hold it against him for not coming to see her right away. Plus, he was a little busy saving Stefan. With the anger she’s held on to for three years, all of that means nothing.

VD718b_0613bDamon is back, but no one wants anything to do with him. Bonnie finds out she’s dying and then her best friend walks through the door after being gone for three years. I guess it’s time to save Bonnie now, too. That may be the only way he can make amends with all of these people. Though in that scene, I felt worse for Damon than Bonnie. Damon came to her as soon as he could and I am inclined to agree with Damon and his choice to hibernate. As crappy as it was, Damon has a bad habit of screwing up not just his life, but the lives of everyone around him, too.

The bromance we loved between Damon and Alaric is long gone. Rick finally got out of the vampire hunting business and he’s happier than ever. Of course, Damon is not the brother he should be worrying about it, it’s Stefan. Valarie set him free and basically told him to go after Caroline. So it’s only a matter of time before Stefan tries to win her back.

Do you think Caroline will choose Stefan or Alaric? Will there be a way to save Bonnie and will it be Enzo or Damon that does it? Let me know in the comments below.

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