Only two episodes in and already this season of American Horror Story is shaping up to be the scariest and most gruesome one yet.




american-horror-story-massacres-and-matinees-108870There’s a murder investigation and the cops are all over Elsa’s freak show. It’s never a good thing when a police officer goes missing after investigating a bunch of “freaks.” But this isn’t the biggest problem plaguing this strange little town; it’s the killer clown that people need to be worrying about and Dandy and his strange mother, who hires the clown to entertain her son because he has been down. What ensues next is one of the strangest scenes I’ve ever seen on any television show. Dandy attempts to entertain the killer clown with a puppet show of The King and I but fails. Instead the clown bashes Dandy over the head with one of his bowling pins and takes off.

66-600x327Meanwhile, back at the freak show tent, Dell (the Strongman) and his wife, Desiree (a lady with three breasts and a penis) show up asking Elsa for a spot in her show. Everything seems copasetic at first, so Elsa hires them for the show. However, she puts Dell in charge of the entire show without realizing that he has a serious anger management problem. But, this is American Horror Story, so of course anger management issues aren’t the only thing wrong about this new act. Turns out Dell is really Jimmy’s (Crab Boy) father who tried to kill him when he was a baby. And talk about daddy issues, when Jimmy and his band of freaks go into the local diner, Dell loses his mind and beats the crap out of Jimmy. Meanwhile the clown has returned to the school bus where his two captives are waiting with a plan to escape. Little does the clown know, he has not returned alone and no, I don’t mean because he brought the little boy captive a toy robot. Dandy has followed him…CREEPY!

At the opportune moment, the girl captive grabs a board and smashes it into the clown’s head, then she and the young boy bolt out the door. Here’s where the Dandy problem comes in, as the girl runs into him and he brings her back to the clown and informs him he needs to keep a tighter lid on the captives if they are going to “have any fun.”

chiklisandpetersstrongmanandsonThe cops have come looking for the person they believe responsible for killing one of their officers, only its not Dell, like Jimmy had planned when he buried evidence in the Strongman’s van, it’s Meep, the most unassuming of them all.

Elsewhere Elsa goes to visit Bette while Dot is fast asleep and convinces her that her literal other half is trying to take away Bette’s stardom. Before she leaves, the ringleader of the freak show hands Bette a knife, assumingly to be used to kill Dot. Dun…dun…duh!!

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